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We’re all guilty of slipping our dog the occasional piece of popcorn or table scrap (or pawning off all the Brussels sprouts we don’t want to eat on the unsuspecting pooch). Of course Fido is always happy to help us out on this account, but how much damage could we be doing to his doggie digestive system in the process? Dogs and cats, horses and cows, hamsters and gerbils, and even fish – any pet you might possess will have its own particular set of nutritional guidelines – as well as a list of foods that are outright dangerous.

If you have the choice to give your dog sweet potato or grapes, which one will make him seriously sick? Why isn’t it all right to give your grown cat milk when he likes it so much? Take our animal nutrition quizzes to learn all about how to properly care for your precious pets!

Animal nutrition focuses on the dietary needs of animals primarily those in agriculture and food production. One of the most crucial programs for animals is ensuring that they have water, energy, protein, minerals and...

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    Elements such as Ca, K, and Mg that are needed by the body for processes like nerve transmissions and bone strength are called

These answers are correct as far as i can tell, if you find alternative answers put it in the comments along with why so we can all learn

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    Mitochondrial electron transport chain:

Over functions and deficiencies of important animal vitamins

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Dairy animals give us nutritious products, and therefore, it is important to ensure that they have perfect health and have the nutrition they require. One thing people should know is that not plants should be eaten by a dairy...

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    Lactose intolerant people lack the ability to produce the enzyme lactase.

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