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Love means nothing! Do you believe that? Well... In tennis it does. Gotcha! If you're a fan of tennis then there's noway you haven't heard of Wimbledon. We have several quizzes about the famous Wimbledon Championships ready to serve!

Do you think you can smash your way through our quizzes? We have some general trivia questions like "When was the Wimbledon founded?", "In which city is it held?", or "What surface is the game played on".Are you familiar with the past champions?

Do you know some of the records set in the event? What about some of its famous traditions?It's time to show whether you are the ball boy or the champion. Try to ace our quizzes. If you know your Wimbledon, it won't be long until it's "game, set, and match"!
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The Wimbledon Championships is the oldest tennis tournament globally, and it is the most popular and esteemed tennis tournament. Wimbledon is currently the only major sport that is still played on grass. Wimbledon was...

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    How many courts are there at Wimbledon ?


Wimbledon Questions & Answers

What is the most dominating performance of Wimbledon till now?
The most dominating performance in the history of Wimbledon Championships in my opinion was from 1984 when John McEnroe defeated Jimmy Connors for the men's title. It was a year in which John McEnroe was dominant throughout the season. He was also do
Who according to you is the most memorable player at Wimbledon?
The most memorable player ever to play at Wimbledon in my opinion was no doubt Jimmy Connors. Connors was always flashy and fierce but always had a playing style that would back up his talk. I have always remembered Connors because when I was young a
Who is the best player at Wimbledon?
When it comes to the current best player at Wimbledon that distinction would have to go to none other than Novak Djokovic. It is Djokovic who is the reigning champion as he won the 2018 Gentlemen's Final over Kevin Anderson of South Africa. One would
What is more monumental, winning a tennis match at Wimbledon or winning an Olympic medal?
The more monumental achievement here would no doubt be winning an Olympic medal. When you say winning a match at Wimbledon, that could be a broad assumption. Would it be winning just a regular match or winning the entire tournament. Winning a Wimbled
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