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Who is Lew Alcindor? Do you know who or what "Metta World Peace" is? If you do, then you might be a heavyweight when it comes to sports trivia. We have a lineup of quizzes about the "who's who" in sports. Yes, were talking about some of the "Players" who have marked a spot in the game they love.

Is basketball your sport? Then you must know that we were talking about the NBA'sKareem Abdul-Jabbar and Ron Artest in the intro. Do you prefer baseball? Who's the "Iron horse" then?You like the NFL? Who's "Joe cool"? If you got all three, then that's a hat trick for you! We have some more involving other sports as well. Ready to make your mark? Keep your eye on the ball and have fun with our quizzes!

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  • how often do you talk to him

  • what does he call you?

  • Does he flirt a lot?

  • How good of a scorer are you?

  • How tall are you compared to your team-mates?

  • How many rebounds do you get a game?

  • What position do you play?
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  • What sort of approach to a game do you take?
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  • How do you contribute to the team?
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  • Have you ever cheated in a game?
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  • Are you quick, powerful, both, agile, hot headed, or a cheater?
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  • Would you ever punch a Gatorade cooler if you were angry?
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