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  • Apple has gained an absolute monopoly over the technology industry! What do you think the government should do about this?
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  • Who should be in charge of the economy?
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  • What do you think of the United States economy today?
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  • What is your favorite way to take notes?

  • What most gives you peace of mind in terms of living space?

  •  Which of the above two column styles is most appealing to you?

  • What 5 letter word can be added to the  END of these words to make new words :  green- out- light- bird- boat- club- cook-
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  • What word comes next in this sequence :  one three five four ____?  HINT : ADD
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  • What are the next five letters in this  sequence: JAJWUTH,TFAPOW,JFDABHC? HINT : A well known nursery rhyme.(Jack &) 
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  • Which statement do you agree with most?Statement 1:"It is worse to leave one of our fellow citizens in need than to leave someone from another country in that state. Therefore putting interests of fellow citizens above those of citizens of other nations."Statement 2:"We should condemn those who say that a life of one person is worth more than that of someone else."

  • Please read the following thought experiment carefully, after you will need to state whether you agree or disagree.   It is permissible to redirect a runaway trolley onto a track, where one person happens to lie, in order to prevent it from fatally striking many people on the other track; whereas, it is impermissible to redirect the trolley onto a track, where one person happens to lie, in order to prevent it from destroying a tool on the other track, a tool needed to save many lives.

  • Which statement do you agree with most? Statement 1:"It makes no moral difference whether the person I help is a neighbors child ten yards from me or a child who I shall never know, ten thousand miles away."Statement 2:"We have special obligations to our neighbors and fellow citizens - and to our family and friends - that we do not have to strangers in another country"