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Quiz on Informatics and some basics on Business problems and approaching solutions.

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    Informatics can be used in all academic areas.

Practice skills worked on in class.  

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    Which of the following will allow measurement of a liquid’s volume with the greatest precision? 

Please answer Yes or No.

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    Governments are the highest paid risk for paying contracts.

This quiz will test your competency in Project Folder.

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    The Scope tab contains all the Risk Report dates.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete the Final Course Evaluation.  Note that you will be able to provide more in depth feedback in the comments sections at the end of this course evaluation.  Please take...

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    Do you feel that the stated course learning objectives were achieved?

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Project Questions & Answers

You are the project manager for the JGI Project. You have 32 stakeholders onthis project. How many communication channels do you have?
You didn't involve the project manger. it supposed to be 32 stakeholders plus the project manager
What is the purpose of the following diagram?
Comparing the relative importance of variables that have a high degree of uncertainty with those that are more stable.
What is the difference between DLP and LCD Projectors?
These are known to be two of the things that are normally used for projection. DLP is also known as Digital Light Processing and LCD means Liquid Crystal Display. The DLP will make use of different microscopic mirrors and a spinning color wheel that
What diagram is used in quality control by examining the 80/20 rule?
1. pareto diagram-a pareto diagram is used to rank the importance of a problem based on its frequency of occurrence over time. this diagram is based on the pareto principle, which is more commonly referred to as the 80/20 rule. applying the principle