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Physics is one of the most interesting classes one could participate in because it teaches interesting facts about the world we live in. Physics explain some of the most interesting things in the world, phenomena that we sometimes pay too little attention to. Pressure, itself, is an important part of physics and it is the topic of our newest quizzes. Do get your physics manual and let us start with a few samples.

Gauge pressure is the pressure relative to what? Pressure may also be expressed in terms of standard atmospheric pressure; the atmosphere (atm) is equal to this pressure and the torr is defined as what part of this? Manometric units such as the centimeter of water, millimeter of mercury and inch of mercury are used to express pressures in terms of what? We should waste no time and start the real trivia.

Increased Intracranial Pressure (ICP)  Practice Exam

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    For a male client with suspected increased intracranial pressure (ICP), a most appropriate respiratory goal is to:  

Many different industries use High-Pressure boilers for central heating systems and many other applications. The water in boilers is used to produce steam which generates energy for other processes. High-pressure boilers require...

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Short quiz on your understanding of the topic pressure

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    Which of the following is the definition of pressure?

This quiz will test how much you have understood about this lesson on pressure.

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    What do you need to know in order to calculate pressure?

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    Employers must ensure employees wears self contained breathing apparatus when?

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Pressure Questions & Answers

What does the steam space of a boiler consist of?
The part of theBoiler not filled with water
What does the team space of a boiler consist of?
A boiler is also called a steam generator, which is designed to burn fuel. The team space of boiler consists of the portion of the boiler not filled with water. Since the heat in a boiler system radiates out from the radiator into the air that alread
What is the difference between Stress and Depression?
There are many differences between stress and depression. We are currently living in a world that is mounting unnecessary pressure on people. A lot of things we do daily for those things we are struggling to get will definitely demand some things fro
How must the steam space of a boiler be large enough to?
Accomidate all the steam space risers