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“On what day was Newton born?”, “For how many years was Newton the president of the Royal Society?”, “Under whose reign was Newton honored with a knighthood?”, “How old was Newton when he became Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge?”

As you may have already figured out, these quizzes are about Isaac Newton, famous physicist and mathematician notoriously known for discovering gravity by being hit on the head with an apple.

However, by taking these quizzes and answering questions such as the ones aforementioned, you will also make some diligent discoveries about this great man, like the fact that he was never hit on the head by a falling apple. Confirm you are truly a scientist worthy of Newton’s glory, and honor his memory with our knowledge.

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    Når ble klubben vår stiftet?  


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    1. René Descartes believed that the universe was a machine and compared it to a _______. 

Isaac Newton is one of the most prolific physicists of human history. Before Einstein, his “laws of motion” was the basis for many studies. Do you think you know just as much as him when it comes to physics? Take our...

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    What helped Newton develop his theory of color?

Perform this quiz in groups of 4 peopleYou should first consult with each other before you give an answer.Try to give good arguments to convince each other.Be sure to read the explanation because they contain important...

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    The apple is on a table and the three girls are looking at the apple, not allowed to touch the apple or to move the table. What will happen to the apple?

4.1 key terms quiz

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     A negatively charged ion

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Isaac Newton Questions & Answers

What was the most important part of Isaac Newton's experiment?
The most important part of Newtons experiment with light was when he proved that each color in the spectrum was unique and prisms didn't change light by putting a second prism in front of just the red light.