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There are a lot of people who would like to become a genius like Albert Einstein but they know that Einstein is a born genius. A lot of people would like to earn money for a lot of people. Einstein is known to have created a lot of theories such as the theory of relativity. You just have to know the equation E=MC2 and you will already relate that to Albert Einstein.

A lot of people do not realize that he is also the one who studied the power of the atomic bomb. He has done a lot in order to influence science and people are still using some of the theories right now. There are various quizzes that are available online right now that will help you learn more about Albert Einstein and the things that he has done in order to improve science.
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Try to answer some questions. If you get a perfect score, you're smarter than Albert Einstein. If you get 1-2 mistakes, then you're as smart as Albert Einstein. If you get more errors, sorry, hit the books! So, without...

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    What does E=mc2 mean?

Guide to Einstein

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    UC reports that any selection in the List Widget is not affecting the PIE Chart in one of the Einstein Analytics. The step options associated with the List widget and Pie Chart are shown in the graphic. Which 2 changes can an Einstein Consultant implement to solve this issue, given that the steps are using the same dataset? Choose 2

We wil say if you are realy smart, or just smart.

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    Do you like to read math science etc, books?

A quiz about Albert Einstein. His life.

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    Albert Einstein was born in which year?

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    What theory is Albert Ellis know for creating?


Albert Einstein Questions & Answers

Why did Albert Einstein despise history?
I dare say that being a Jew in Germany and having his brilliant scientific prowess labelled perjoratively as Jewish Science, and then having to move to the US in order to continue his career (and, no doubt, avoid death camp) he will have despised the
Why did Albert Einstein fail constantly at school?
I think it is incorrect to believe Einstein constantly failed at school. Early in life he had some language difficulties that will have masked his very real intellectual powers. He gained musical skill and took refuge in this. A tutor his family enga
Why did Einstein feel that Newtonian mechanics were too simple for electromagnetic fields?
Newtons' theories had been the standard, the accepted way of understanding motion with his description through example equations, of the physical properties of the world for some two hundred years before Einstein came on the scene. Then firstly, Newt
Was Albert Einstein a messy person?
Albert Einstein became a famous person based on his knowledge of science and math. He grew up and went to school, but he was a smart student. However, he was not believed to be at that young age that he would grow up to be so famous. Instead, he acqu
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