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"It's not like you're a rocket scientist!". How many times have you heard that when you try to do something? Well, now it's time to show them that you are a scientist...on scientists! Prepare to enter the brainy and complex world of science and scientists!

Answer questions about Albert Einstein, and his relative theories. Have a look at the work of Luis Pasteur and answer questions about his soup and milk experiments! Think you know about Stephen Hawking? Well get ready to analyze and look at questions about his black hole theories and his space-age hypotheses.

Get ready to show your friends that you know a thing or two about science. Get ready to break out the lab-coat and prove that you are a scientist...a scientist on rocket scientists!

If you want to read about the big science stories of the year, you have come to the wrong place – turn back to the news review. Here we are celebrating the science trivia of 2009. Read on and test your mental mettle in New...

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    According to a palaeontologist at the University of Manchester in the UK, Velociraptor, the dinosaur star of many films, might have used its fearsome claws for what?

There are different types if scientists in this world to start with there are those who would do anything to achieve the impossible and others who sit down and think the repercussions of their action to the environment and those...

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    I prefer experiments that involve:

Can You Pass this Test on Archimedes? He is famously known as one of the best mathematicians that ever lived in Ancient Greece, and some of his knowledge is still in use to date. How much do you know about his achievements and...

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    Based on Archimedes formula: If you drop wood into water, buoyancy will keep it afloat.

Scientist that discover DNA

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    He examined the difference between virulent strain and non-virulent strain on the mice. He found out that virulent bacteria didn't killed the mice but if he mixed it with non-virulent strain it'll died --> one harmful and one harmless, harmless transformed into harmful.

The description of famous scientist from 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade SOL objectives.

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    Who is the "Father of Genetics"?  He experimented with the pea plant and worked with the Punnett Square.


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