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LETP NORAC Definitions

Questions: 49  |  Attempts: 433
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    NORAC - 10th Edition - Definitions A block that must not be occupied by more than one train.

New Jersey Transit LETP covering General Rules & Special Instructions A - U.

Questions: 102  |  Attempts: 81
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    C. Required Examinations: Employees will be given a written examination on the Operating Rules and must obtain a score of at least _____.

NORAC Protection of trains NOTE: 135 to 137e not yet completed 

Questions: 20  |  Attempts: 52
  • Sample Question
    Three steps are followed to provide flag protection against approaching trains on adjacent tracks. Select the correct answers.

Norac Questions & Answers

Engine Lights – b.  Auxiliary Lights:  If all auxiliary lights fail en route, the train may continue at Normal Speed, but the defective auxiliary lights must be repaired no later than the next...
FalseIf ONE OF A PAIR of auxiliary lights fail(S) en route, the train may continue at Normal Speed, but the defective auxiliary light must be repaired no later than the next calendar day inspection.
Where do Interlocking and Controlled Points rules apply?
Interlocking Limits Controlled Points
Until when should the blocking devices at an interlocking or CP not be removed if a Form D is to be delivered to a train?
The Form D has been delivered to the engineer The Engineer has acknowledged he is to receive a Form D Blocking devices are not required at locations where crews are required to inquire about Form D s prior to departure. When moving the train must not