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What do you do to make one section of slides in your presentation use a different design template from the other slides?  
This is an easy thing to do. It is answer B: select the slide thumbnails in that section and choose “apply a different theme.” To apply it to only the selected slides, you need to use the “apply to selected slides” option inst
How do you go back a few slides while giving a presentation?  
The answer to this is B. You can click on backspace until you go back to the slide that you need. This is actually very useful as you do not need to go to the main document and exit the presentation just to find the slid that you are looking for. The
How do you make text appear on a slide letter by letter using custom animation effect?
People use powerpoints to create presentations for large groups of people as long as there is a computer and screen to show the powerpoint on. There are many effects that can be included along with the content. This makes the presentation more enjoya
What do slides usually contain?
The correct answer to this question is option 4 – All of the above A slide in power point is a page created using the Microsoft Power point program. It is a single page of presentation where you can create your desired result. The slide can co