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Welcome. Start. Run. Quiz.exe. Run. This one is the biggest software company in the entire world and it brought you your favorite operating system ever. Microsoft has given the world some of the most iconic programs and this has transformed it into one of the most profitable enterprises. So a few questions about such a widely known company should not be a problem, right? Wrong.

Here is a taste of what is to come: What was the exact date when Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen? What was the program with which Microsoft came to dominate the operating system market? What is the name of the CEO of Microsoft Corporation? Try out all the other questions with the entire trivia. Start. Shut Down.
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How Much Do You Know About Microsoft Office, Excel, And Windows? If you use Microsoft on your computer, you should be conversant with the applications that help you create documents of different types and view them too. In this...

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    The two default directories within Windows where one would normally find all user files and documents are:

Tool icons.

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    What is the name of this tool icon?

This is a software which manages projects of firms, organizations and companies. It was created, developed and sold by Microsoft. It asists project managers develop plans, assigning resources to tasks and projects. A software...

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    What year was Microsoft project released?

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    When you are implementing a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, you are responsible for configuring high availability.

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    Untuk menyimpan dokumen AKU.DOCX dengan nama yang baru DIA.DOCX, maka menggunakan submenu File …

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What is the difference between Namespace And Assembly?
A namespace can be defined as different kinds of symbols which are used to identify objects of various kinds, so that there won't be the ambiguity of objects and so that each object can be easily traced to their source. The most important thing to kn
What is the difference between Outlook and Exchange?
Microsoft outlook is recognized as an email client, while Microsoft exchanger is a proprietary calendaring and email server. As said earlier, Microsoft outlook refers to an email client that you can use to receive and send electronic messages over ac
What is the difference between MS Outlook and Lotus Notes?
Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook offer almost the same functions as both are email client apps used by businesses and corporate individuals to ensure successful and secure business interactions and connections with other individuals. However, one o
How can you force a page break in Microsoft Word?
If you are trying to force a page break in Microsoft Word you will want to use the insert/section break and position your cursor at the appropriate place and press Ctrl+Enter. If you are able to familiarize yourself Microsoft Word to a point in which
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