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Welcome. Start. Run. Quiz.exe. Run. This one is the biggest software company in the entire world and it brought you your favorite operating system ever. Microsoft has given the world some of the most iconic programs and this has transformed it into one of the most profitable enterprises. So a few questions about such a widely known company should not be a problem, right? Wrong.

Here is a taste of what is to come: What was the exact date when Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen? What was the program with which Microsoft came to dominate the operating system market? What is the name of the CEO of Microsoft Corporation? Try out all the other questions with the entire trivia. Start. Shut Down.

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  • The .NET Framework provides a runtime environment called..... ?

  • In ASP.NET in form page the object which contains the user name is ______ ?

  • Which of the following denote ways to manage state in an ASP.Net Application?

  • Which object is used to create a form?
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  • What determines a table’s sort order?
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  • What is an intersection of a row and a column?
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  • Which of the following abbreviations is incorrectly expanded?

  • Windows Presentation Foundation - the new user interface system was introduced with

  • The New object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework to be introduced with Microsoft.Net 3.5 SP1 is known as

  • You wish to call attention to a statement in your document by making the text bold. Which button do you select?A.B.C.D.
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  • A flyer is to be prepared inviting parents to a performance. You want the headline to be centered on the page. Which button do you select?A.B.C.D.
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  • You want to make sure that your instructions are clear and plan to place them in a bulleted list. Which button do you select?A.B.C.D.
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