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What is the difference between Namespace And Assembly?
A namespace can be defined as different kinds of symbols which are used to identify objects of various kinds, so that there won't be the ambiguity of objects and so that each object can be easily traced to their source. The most important thing to kn
What determines a table’s sort order?
Autonumber field only helps with the order in which they were created. Helps determine if something was deleted and how many records you have. However,the order of columns in a multi-column index definitely matters. One type of query may need a certa
What does the appearance of symbols, such as 1 and the infinity symbol, at the endpoints of a relationship line mean in the relationships window?
The correct answer to this question is A, Referential integrity is enforced. This is a concept related to relational databases. The concept states that the table and their relationships must always be consistent. Another way to explain referential in
What is the difference between Microsoft Exchange 2010 Enterprise and Standard?
Microsoft Exchange 2010 Enterprise and Standard are the types of Microsoft exchange 2010. The 2010 version of the Microsoft exchange is very useful. It helps in managing the company's messaging activities. It also helps in providing management tools