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In the world of computing, there is no bigger name than Microsoft. You knew that already, so perhaps it won’t surprise you to know that a technical qualification approved by Microsoft is a really good way to get your foot in the door to a successful career in IT. If you become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert it can really open doors to well-paid jobs in the industry.

Our MCSE quizzes will test your knowledge about the computing industry and at the same time help you learn about such areas as client/server infrastructures, desktops, private cloud and productivity tools such as SharePoint. Take them all and see how much you know…it may just be the gateway to a better paid future!

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  • we have problem in our Web server that we have too many event logs and our events are important for us we have 2 disk drive c and D . C is 20 GIG and D is 60 GIG we want change the default event viewer log file location is it possible and if it is how we should do that ?
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  • You have been using the LDIFDE tool as part of your current project, however you now need to know the command that changes the operation of LDIFDE from export to import. Which one of the following is the correct answer?
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  • what is the windows tool for out of band management?(choose all that apply)
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  • You want to migrate a subnet to a new scope. You create a new scope and then deactivate the old scope. Which of the following is an appropriate next step?

  • Which action needs to be taken if you want to configure a DHCP server to update both A resource records and PTR resource records on behalf of a Windows NT 4 client?

  • You have not modified the default settings for DNS on the DHCP client or server. Which of the following client record or records will be updated in DNS by the DHCP server? (Assume that the clients are running Windows XP.)

  • Which of the following does not rely on certificates and public key cryptography?

  • Which protocol provides names and name resolution for workgroups in Windows?

  • Which of the following are automatically configured in Windows Server 2003?

  • Which of the following procedures would enable you to request the certificate you need?

  • Which of the following packet filtering criteria enable you to prevent a denial-ofservice attack using ICMP messages?

  • Which of the following ESP header fields provides the protocol’s anti-replay capability?