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In the world of computing, there is no bigger name than Microsoft. You knew that already, so perhaps it won’t surprise you to know that a technical qualification approved by Microsoft is a really good way to get your foot in the door to a successful career in IT. If you become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert it can really open doors to well-paid jobs in the industry.

Our MCSE quizzes will test your knowledge about the computing industry and at the same time help you learn about such areas as client/server infrastructures, desktops, private cloud and productivity tools such as SharePoint. Take them all and see how much you know…it may just be the gateway to a better paid future!

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  • You are worried about severe weather and the potential resultant loss of data. Which of the following is not a component of a disaster recovery or preventative maintenance program?`

  • Which of the following is not a potential benefit of the use of RAID?

  • A user complains that he experiences difficulties accessing shares on a Windows 2003 Server. He notes that he cannot see which folders are shared on the server, nor can he access the shares. What is the most likely source of the issue?

  • You have introduced some new resource servers on to your Windows 2003 network. These servers need to be assigned IP addresses. You already have a dynamic IP environment on your network. There will be a few more client computers added in the near future, which will need a separate set of IP addresses. You are required to plan for the situation based on the following requirements: Requirements: A. The resource servers need permanent IP addresses B. Static IP addresses must be done away with C. Network congestion must not occur due to the new additions Based on the above requirements you have designed a plan for the network and have gone ahead and implemented the solution as follows: Solution: 1. Assign static IP addresses to the new servers 2. Assign a separate range of IP addresses to the new clients 3. Ensure the lease period assigned to the network is default lease period. Regarding the implemented solutions, which of the following statements are true?

  • You are the administrator for an organization that trains network administrators. The training lab is also a part of the main network and is within your administration authority. The participants have been trained to setup DHCP server for a network and administer the same. This requires an extensive hands-on in the lab. As a result most of the users are complaining about IP address duplication and are unable to connect to the network normally. Which of the following steps would ensure this problem does not occur again? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two options.)

  • You are the administrator for Metro Tech World. The diagram for the network of Metro Tech World is shown below. The requirements for the network have been assigned to you. You are required to propose a plan for the same. Requirements: A. The clients of Network A must be allowed to access clients on Network B B. The resources on the SrvB must not be accessible for clients on Network A C. The clients of Network B must not be allowed to access any resource outside to Network A. Proposed Solutions: A. Assign the router IP address as Default gateway to all clients on Network A and Network B B. Implement access list on router C. Secure all resources on SrvB with relevant access permissions D. Implement firewall Which of the following statements correctly describe the proposed solutions? Choose three.

  • Which of the following is the correct duration for the first DHCP Renewal message to be sent by the client?

  • When the DHCP is declining a clients renewal request, it informs so with the help of DHCPACK. T/F?

  • A DHCP server running Windows Server 2003 initialize without authorization. T/F?

  • You have been working with a group of developers on a new web application they are developing. One of the developers needs to know more information about client connections using IIS. He asked you how many simultaneous client connections can you have by using IIS for Windows
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  • Your manager has asked you which component would you use to organize objects into logical administrative groups?
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  • You have just finished installing Windows XP for your friends family. You didnt have time to activate their version of Windows for them so you have told them that they must active Windows before the time period is up otherwise Windows will stop functioning? How many days do they have before they must activate Windows or it will stop working?
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