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    What rules should be used when selecting a LEED rating system when more than one system may apply? (Choose 2)

READ:  The LEED Green Associate exam is designed to measure your skills and knowledge against criteria developed by Subject Matter Experts and to assess your knowledge and skill to understand and support green design,...

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    What factors are considered in determining lifecycle cost (choose three)?

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    What are the goals of the Minimum Program Requirements? (Choose 3)

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    What tool is used to determine the target certification level?

This quiz has been developed to help users who are preparing for the LEED Green Associate (LEED GA) Exam.

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    The organization that founded LEED in 1993 is...


LEED Ga Questions & Answers

What is the baseline flush rate for water consumption for water closests as established by the Energy Policy Act?
The baseline flush rate is 1.6 gallons per flush. This is the rate established in the Energy Policy Act. This is a low gallon to flush rate, but there are other places that go much lower. The United States uses the most water per flush, using between
What can be used to compare the energy performance of two buildings?
Letter A is the correct answer from the choices. Energy Star is a screening tool in determining a company’s building performance when it comes to using and saving energy. When a building is awarded by Energy Star with high energy performance, i
What will be the result of the installaiton of low-flow faucet aerators at hand washing stations?
Of course, it reduced water use. Because it reduced the pressure of water that you can use because during the installation they adjust to low consumption of water. I think it is the perfect solution for saving water and to save water bills at home. B
How should multiple buildings for organizations like burger franchises, restaurants etc. be certified?
The LEED Volume Program should be used to certify buildings for franchises such as restaurants, movie theaters, etc. There’s a lot of negative stigma in the building world around this program, so I will attempt to give some enlightening facts o
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