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Whether you dream of becoming a software testing engineer or you simply love the world of software testing then get ready to take our ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) quizzes! The ISTQB is an association which is responsible for setting guidelines and standards for aspiring software testers. The ISTQB issues certifications and qualifications.

If you feel ready to pursue your future vision of a career in software testing then you need to know all there is to know about the ISTQB! Answer trivia questions such as, “When and where was the ISTQB founded?”, “How many levels of certification does the ISTQB provide?” and, “What is the most important thing about early test design?” Find out more with our informative ISTQB quizzes!

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  • Which of the following are triggers for maintenance testing? 1. The period of time since last regression testing a system 2. New operating system installations 3. Changes in corporate policies and government regulations 4. Converting a legacy system to a software package 5. Developing a new software application  Select one:

  • Regression testing means: 

  • An impact analysis after maintenance to an existing system evaluates:  Select one:

  • Choose the best answer for why Experience-based testing is usually NOT a sufficient test technique: Select one:

  • _____________ is a Test design technique in which you use your knowledge and experience to anticipate what defects might be present in the item under test Select one:

  • Exploratory Testing is a test technique based on the following Idea: Select one:

  • When something unexpected occurs during a test, but it isn’t clear whether or not it is a defect, it should be: Select one:

  • Incidents may be raised and logged by:

  • The IEEE STD 829 Test Incident Report does not mention: Select one:

  • The benefits of glass box testing are ? Select one:  
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  • The external factors that influence the decision about which test technique to use are:  I. Risk  II. Life Cycle Model  III. Time and Budget  IV. Test Objective? Select one:
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  • The following defines the statement of what the tester is expected to accomplish or validate during testing activity ? Select one:
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