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Whether you dream of becoming a software testing engineer or you simply love the world of software testing then get ready to take our ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) quizzes! The ISTQB is an association which is responsible for setting guidelines and standards for aspiring software testers. The ISTQB issues certifications and qualifications.

If you feel ready to pursue your future vision of a career in software testing then you need to know all there is to know about the ISTQB! Answer trivia questions such as, “When and where was the ISTQB founded?”, “How many levels of certification does the ISTQB provide?” and, “What is the most important thing about early test design?” Find out more with our informative ISTQB quizzes!

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  • Which of the following is not decided in the test-planning phase? 

  • What is the concept of introducing a small change to the program and having the effects of that change show up in some test? 

  • Which is the best definition of complete testing?

  • An input field takes the year of birth between 1900 and 2004. The boundary values for testing this field are

  • Which one of the following are non-functional testing methods?

  • Which of the following tools would be involved in the automation of regression test?

  • When what is visible to end-users is a deviation from the specific or expected behavior, this is called:
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  • Regression testing should be performed:V)every weekW)after the software has changedX)as often as possibleY)when the environment has changedZ)when the project manager says
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  • IEEE 829 test plan documentation standard contains all of the following except:
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  • A company recently purchased a commercial off-the-shelf application to automate their bill-paying process. They now plan to run an acceptance test against the package prior to putting it into production. Which of the following is their most likely reason for testing?

  • A test team consistently finds between 90% and 95% of the defects present in the system under test. While the test manager understands that this is a good defect-detection percentage for her test team and industry, senior management and executives remain disappointed in the test group, saying that the test team misses too many bugs. Given that the users are generally happy with the system and that the failures which have occurred have generally been low impact, which of the following testing principles is most likely to help the test manager explain to these managers and executives why some defects are likely to be missed?

  • Question 8 Which of the statements below is the best assessment of how the test principles apply across the test life cycle?