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Can you identify the various hardware devices and tell their functions? Take the interesting online hardware quizzes and see for yourself. Test yourself and share these quizzes with peers to find out who the real tech-wizard is!
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Computer hardware involves all the physical elements of a computer such as the monitor, CPU and RAM. A computer cannot be a computer if it does not have any hardware. Do You Know The Basic Computer Hardware? Take up the...

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    What does a storage unit provide?

Do you know the difference between the shape of an Ethernet, eSATA, and USB port? Take this short quiz and test your knowledge of external computer port.

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    1.       Which of the following ports is shown in Figure A?

A computer needs two things to be considered as one and these two are the hardware and software. The hardware is all the tangible parts of a computer whereas software is a collection of data or computer instructions that tell the...

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  • Sample Question
    What is hardware?

Computer hardware is essentially the collection of the physical parts of a computer system. This is one of the things that one needs to be accustomed to when it comes to when they get introduced to computers. Choose the correct...

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The learners will review the basic parts of a computer.

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  • Sample Question
    I connect computers and allow them to talk to each other.

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Hardware Questions & Answers

What type of computer device is used to backup data?
All of the above are storage devices for computer data. Not many computers can still ready floppy disks (think of the save button on Microsoft Word), but they are still an option on some computers. Tape, for those who are uninitiated, is often found
What does a storage unit provide?
Data storage is the precise term for assembling data in certain forms for computer or devices. Different types of data storage serve different roles in a computing environment. In a computer, data storage is the place where data is held in electromag
What is the difference between Hardware and Firmware?
The combinations of physical elements of any technological equipment are what is referred to as the hardware. These elements are being integrated and fashioned to work with respect to an already prepared set of instructions, often referred to as code
Which of the following is not a hardware device?
Microsoft Disk Operating System is an operating system that was created for IBM compatible computers. It is not used anymore but the Windows command line from it is still used. Storage devices are computer equipment for storing information. Output d
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