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  • Which Gospel(s) tell(s) us about the shepherds who were told to go see Jesus on the night of his birth?
    Which Gospel(s) tell(s) us about the shepherds who were told to go see Jesus on the night of his birth?
    1. luke-luke is the only one who mentions this part of the christmas story.you might be thinking: who cares which gospel tells this detail? heres the thing: what we think of as the christmas story is actually a conglomeration of accounts we find in matthew and luke. together, these two gospels give us a much fuller picture, combining them does make a certain amount of sense. but, by conflating the two stories, we also lose something: the ability to see how details that are unique to luke or matthew give us insight into themes that are important throughout their respective gospels. identifying the unique parts of matthew or lukes christmas story actually allows us to see the rest of their works more clearly.

  • What was the theological significance of the shepherds in Luke's Gospel?
    What was the theological significance of the shepherds in Luke's Gospel?
    1. shepherds were examples of the \"lowly\" people that jesus came to minister to.-2. the shepherds demonstrated the beginning of the fulfillment of mary\ s prophetic \"magnificat\"-shepherds were considered lowly, undesirable people by most of the jewish community. the fact that they were given the privilege of greeting jesus first is the beginning of a theme that is central to the gospel of luke: jesus reached out to, interacted with and lifted up the lowly and the humble.this theme is actually highlighted in marys magnificat (luke 1:48,52), which many scholars think is not simply a recounting of what god had done in the past but was also a prophecy about what god would do through jesus.

  • What happens to people who never hear the Gospel?
    What happens to people who never hear the Gospel?
    To start with, however, inclusivists once in a while utilize Romans 1:18– 23 to feature the significance of general disclosure, on nearer perusing the content underpins the exclusivist see. Paul contends that God's declaration in nature is adequate just to denounce, not to spare. In spite of the fact that the man on the island "knows God" (v. 21), he "smothers reality" (v. 18) noticeable in nature and is in this manner "without pardon" (v. 20). People aren't blameworthy because they haven't heard the gospel; they're liable because they haven't respected their Creator. Not due to the nonappearance of something (confidence), but rather on account of the nearness of something (disobedience). So will God denounce the honest tribesman who has never heard the name of Christ? No, because there are no guiltless tribesmen.

  • Which Gospel focuses on the similarities between John the Baptist's birth and Jesus' birth?
    Which Gospel focuses on the similarities between John the Baptist's birth and Jesus' birth?
    1. luke-luke draws our attention to a number of parallels between the birth of jesus and john the baptist:1. both conceptions were miraculous2. the angel gabriel appeared to parents of both children3. the names of both children were assigned by god4. both mothers sang songs that were recorded by lukelukes purpose in doing this may have been to build upon john the baptists popularity as he began to tell his audience the story of jesus. luke doesnt just highlight similarities between these two men, but also goes on to show that jesus was greater than john the baptist. for instance, while john the baptist is called a prophet and there was earthly rejoicing over his birth, jesus is identified as savior, christ and lord and there was both earthly and heavenly rejoicing over his birth (luke 2:13).

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