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How well do you know the Gospels? We have quizzes to test how familiar you are with the New Testament Gospels; the life and times of Jesus and the Apostles; the Parables and Letters. Are you one of those brilliant people who have read the Gospels from cover to cover? If so, then maybe you know how many among the Apostles were named James? Or in what event Jesus performed His first miracle?

What did the Parable of The Sower represent? Who was the feared Judean persecutor of the early Church who became its greatest missionary? And who was the first Apostle to ever be martyred? Seems simple enough? There's plenty more of our Gospel quizzes! Check it out! Put yourself to the test and may the Holy Spirit be with you.

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    Quantos dias choveu no período do Dilúvio ?

This is a ten item multiple choice quiz. This quiz covers the 4th Basic in a series of twenty free self study Bible studies. In Basic Four, "The Truth of the Gospel" is introduced and explained. Remember, you can use any of...

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    The central figure in both the Old and New Testaments in the Bible is

This you learn good music

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    Who Wrote The song I Pour My Love On You

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    Matthew used ...

Answer these questions to help prepare for your examination!

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Gospel Questions & Answers

Which Gospel(s) tell(s) us about the shepherds who were told to go see Jesus on the night of his birth?
1. luke-luke is the only one who mentions this part of the christmas story.you might be thinking: who cares which gospel tells this detail? heres the thing: what we think of as the christmas story is actually a conglomeration of accounts we find i
What was the theological significance of the shepherds in Luke's Gospel?
1. shepherds were examples of the \"lowly\" people that jesus came to minister to.-2. the shepherds demonstrated the beginning of the fulfillment of mary\ s prophetic \"magnificat\"-shepherds were considered lowly, undesirable people by most of the j
What happens to people who never hear the Gospel?
To start with, however, inclusivists once in a while utilize Romans 1:18– 23 to feature the significance of general disclosure, on nearer perusing the content underpins the exclusivist see. Paul contends that God's declaration in nature is adeq
Which Gospel focuses on the similarities between John the Baptist's birth and Jesus' birth?
1. luke-luke draws our attention to a number of parallels between the birth of jesus and john the baptist:1. both conceptions were miraculous2. the angel gabriel appeared to parents of both children3. the names of both children were assigned by go