Gospel Quizzes Online & Trivia

A comprehensive database of gospel quizzes online, test your knowledge with gospel quiz questions. Our online gospel trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top gospel quizzes.

How well do you know the Gospels? We have quizzes to test how familiar you are with the New Testament Gospels; the life and times of Jesus and the Apostles; the Parables and Letters. Are you one of those brilliant people who have read the Gospels from cover to cover? If so, then maybe you know how many among the Apostles were named James? Or in what event Jesus performed His first miracle?

What did the Parable of The Sower represent? Who was the feared Judean persecutor of the early Church who became its greatest missionary? And who was the first Apostle to ever be martyred? Seems simple enough? There's plenty more of our Gospel quizzes! Check it out! Put yourself to the test and may the Holy Spirit be with you.

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