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Are you a “scrub”? Or should we say “operating room technician”? Oh… So you want to be called a “surgical technologist”? Well, whatever you want to be called, we’re sure that these quizzes are meant for you. For sure you’re quite familiar with the Certified Surgical Technologist Exams.

Whether you’re a previously certified CST or a graduate of a surgical technology program, you’ll really find our quizzes quite “handy”. Are confident in subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, and Patient Care? How are you at medical terminology? What about surgery procedures and equipment handling?

Get ready to go under the knife and test yourself with our CTP quizzes. Ready to scrub in? Show us that you’re a smooth operator as you take on our “Certified Surgical Technologist” quizzes.
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The primary function of a certified surgical technologist is to assist surgeons and other medical practitioners in operating rooms. They help patients get ready to undergo surgical procedures. For you to qualify and become a...

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    What is the best shielding against gamma rays?

Welcome to part 2 of getting your CST!

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    The name of this instrument is a/an

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    Which cranial nerve is affected by trigeminal neuralgia

Type description here.

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    A surgical technologist has selected the sutures for a procedure based on the surgeon's preference card. The surgeon state he would like additional sutures and his preference card is outdated. Which of the following is the surgical technologist's BEST course of action?

Surgical technicians assist surgeons and other medical professionals in hospital operating rooms and similar environments. They also assist during those procedures as part of a team of operating room professionals. Below is a CST...

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    The FDA classifies sterilization packaging as a

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What is a fenestrated drape?
A fenestrated drape is a sterile body sheet with a hole or window that exposes the incision site. The fenestrated drape is positioned after other drapes and towels have been placed in keeping with the procedure. It is a drape with an opening that all
What did John Locke state about life, liberty, and property?
Natural rights that should be protected by government. -john locke believed in natural rights, which were rights that belong inherently to each individual. people were born with these inherent rights, and it was the role and responsibility of the gov
What constitutional principle is a Country's constitution adhering to when it's branches of government remain independent of each other?
Separation of powers.-the idea of separation of powers was set forth by montesquieu during the age of enlightenment as a means of providing a system of checks and balances in government to prevent tyrannical rule. montesquieu believed that by separat
What is the purpose of Ogden and Richards triangle of meaning?
Ogden and Richards were academic linguists who wrote their theory in early 20th century about how meaning is conveyed. They asserted that meaning lay in the person or persons, not in the words themselves. The 'triangle' was between points for the Tho
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