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    The movement of a plant part in response to the force of attraction exerted by the earth is called:

The quiz below is on perception and coordination and it deeply evaluates the topic. Different people have different takes on the subject and the quiz will help you ascertain which side you fall on. All the best.

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    In teaching the family care of the Alzheimer's patient, the nurse emphasizes which of the following behaviors as a serious threat to safety:

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    Which one do you like?

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    A special nerve filament that arises from the cell body and travels up to a meter.

The human body is a very complex study. The different activities that the body does harmoniously are just magical. Coordination and balance is one of them. Where do we get our balance? The brain or the ears? Find out!

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    The ability of the CNS to control or direct the neuromotor system in purposeful movement& postural adjustment  by selective allocation of muscle tension across appropriate  joint segments is:

Coordination Questions & Answers

What is the growth of tendrils in pea plants? and this is due to the: 
Rapid cell division and elongation in tendril cells that are away from the support
The growth of tendrils in pea plants is due to the:
Rapid cell division and elongation in tendril cells that are away from the support
The nurse assessesa normal reflex when testing the plantar, or Babinski's in adult. what does she see?
Toes bending downwardIf the toes flare, and foot turns upward, then the sign is positive and considered an abnormal finding in an adult.