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Quick quiz to see where your content marketing knowledge is

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    Content marketing helps with

This quiz is based on Bernie Borges' session on SEO. Total of 10 question with 5 minutes to finish.

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    A website with a PageRank of 4 can be termed as ____________ ?

This quiz is based on Heidi Cohen's presentation on Building Your Content Marketing Strategy. There are total of 10 questions that need to be answered in 5 minutes.

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    Content Marketing is ________________ ?

Content Strategy Questions and Answers

  • Content marketing helps with
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  • Creating great content is not enough. It needs to be promoted.
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  • Cornerstone content has a short shelf life
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  • A website with a PageRank of 4 can be termed as ____________ ?
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  • Anchor text optimization means ______ ?
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  • Google's search engine algorithm tries to bring relevance to queries by connecting ____________________?
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  • Content Marketing is ________________ ?

  • Old way of audience targeting in marketing involved looking at data like:

  • Before creating any content, marketers should ask What information do customers seek?

  • How much of the content you share is original?  Original content is any kind of content that is created by someone in your organization.  An example of original v. unoriginal content would be writing a tweet yourself (original) or retweeting someone else's post (not original).

  • Do you know who your are writing your content for?  Meaning, do you know who your target audience is?

  • How are your measuring the impact of your content marketing?