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Need to find something? Google it! Yes, during the age of the internet, “Google” has become synonymous with searching for almost anything on the world wide web. Don’t you agree? Well, we have a variety of quizzes about Google to test your web wizardry.

Do you know that Google offers so much more aside from their search engine? If you do, then this may just be your time to shine. Don’t understand the gibberish displayed on your screen? What Google tool can help you? How do you get from point A to point B? Who do you consult? These are all but the tip of the iceberg.

Do you have the “Analytics” and the “Drive” for searching “Adwords”? Did that make sense at all? Well, if you didn’t get it, just Google it! Good luck!

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  • What must you type into Google so that your exact phrase is found by Google?
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  • What is the quickest way to find the definition of computer using Google?
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  • What do you type into the Google search box if you only want to search the contents of one website? Example: A high school senior only wants to access admissions info for Standford University.
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  • Google Earth allows you to travel the world through a virtual globe and view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, and much more.

  • The Tour Guide functionality in Google Earth allows us to explore interesting places all over the world?

  • This button option on Google Earth lets us:

  • A Google email account is reqired to create a survey 
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  • Forms can be found under which of the following Google menus? 
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  • All of the follwing are type of survey questions EXCEPT? 
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  • What's the first feature you look for in a smartphone?

  • What you look for in a laptop?

  • What type of customer service do you want?