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Confections are a gift from the sugar gods. There are so many fantastic things that can be made with sugar, from bakers’ confections like cakes and cookies, to sugar confections like candy and chocolates.  We’ve got some sweet quizzes about confectionery, so if you’re in the mood for something sugary, check them out! What is the largest donut retailer in the world? Who invented the chocolate chip cookie? What continent produces the most chocolate? What is the bestselling cookie in the US? Was there a real Betty Crocker?  

Which country consumes the most chocolate per year? What famous San Francisco chocolatier started out selling supplies to miners in the Gold Rush? What ingredient makes Pop Rocks pop? Which day of the year sees more candy sales, the day before Halloween or the day before Valentine’s Day? Why is bubble gum traditionally pink? Prior to making chocolate, Milton Hershey was already famous for making what kind of candy? Take a taste of our confectionery quizzes and test your knowledge!

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