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Do you know how many CEOs are there in the world? Can you name five female CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies? For such interesting facts and trivia and many more, take our online CEO quizzes with well-researched questions. Share the quizzes with your peers to see who knows more.
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India has witnessed many corporates rising on this land and the power behind them, their CEOs. From giant corporates to rising ones, these CEOs have transformed the meaning of corporate business in India. This quiz is about these...

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    I was born on December 28, 1937; I am a bachelor; My company manufactures the world's cheapest car. Who am I?

Hey, welcome to a quick corporate trivia. Here you will be asked a bunch of questions about CEOs, corporates, and their products; choose the answer you think is right and move on to the next one.

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     Who is the CEO of Microsoft?

Alan Greenspan and the CEO of BP, Tony Hayward sound oddly alike. Quotes that belong to one could easily have been said by the other—perhaps because both have been asked to account for the toxic mess they brought to U.S....

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    Who said it? "It’s important to distinguish the size of this problem, and its nature."

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What is the difference between MD and CEO?
MD and CEO are two commonly used terms in the business world. A very established company must have CEO and MD because both are working towards policies that will drive the company forward. However, it is essential to note that the works and functions