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  • What is the difference between MD and CEO?
    What is the difference between MD and CEO?
    MD and CEO are two commonly used terms in the business world. A very established company must have CEO and MD because both are working towards policies that will drive the company forward. However, it is essential to note that the works and functions of the CEO are quite different from MD. CEO is the short form of Chief Executive Officer. By implication, the CEO of a company is the highest-ranking executive officer of a corporation or company. The CEO of a company is like the overall head of a company, and he's the one to give consent or approval to whatever decision reached the board meeting. The CEO, most times, comes with strategies that will be implemented as part of the company's objectives. MD, on the other hand, is the short form of Managing Director. The day-to-day business of a company is largely in the hand of the managing director, he/she is also a member of the executive board and at the same time, the leader of an organization. Part of the job of a managing director is to oversee the functionality of various departments under him/her. In terms of workload, a managing director has more responsibilities than the CEO.

  • What is the most important aspect of a client relationship?
    What is the most important aspect of a client relationship?
    Transparent communication

  • What were the digital agency CEOs required skill sets for new hires?
    What were the digital agency CEOs required skill sets for new hires?
    All of the Above

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