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The Republican Budget Quiz refers to the budget resolution, introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), which passed in the House in March, 2012, by a 228-191 vote.

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Welcome to the trivia quiz on a balanced budget. When it comes to managing one's finances, it is important to have a basic budget where you have an estimate of how much expenses you will have and what amount of money you will...

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Budget Questions & Answers

Which statement describes best the meaning of the term Cost baseline?
Project baseline is usually set when someone enters a business project. The project baseline is the project plan. This establishes the goal and route needed to take in order to be successful for the company. The cost baseline plays a part in this. Th
What is a balance budget & what is the purpose of judiciary and how to be apart of the branch?
A balanced budget is a situation wherein the total revenues will be exactly the same as the total expenses. There is a need for different companies to make sure that this will happen, especially when they are trying to balance all of the money that t
What are the two budget types?
Capitol and operating.Page 206.