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Assertiveness Questions and Answers

  • “Say what you mean, mean what you say but ____ ___ __ ____!”
    Assertiveness question from

  • Which of the following is NOT one of the three types of behavior discussed in the training?
    Assertiveness question from

  • In the Iceberg example, What could stop you from being assertive and confident when making a decision? Check all that apply.
    Assertiveness question from

  • How do you feel when you're being assertive?
    Assertiveness question from

  • What are 5 barriers that can affect a relationship?
    Assertiveness question from

  • A negative outcome of assertiveness is having an open and honest relationship
    Assertiveness question from

  • Assertiveness always is appreciated.
    Assertiveness question from

  • How do you channel assertiveness?
    Assertiveness question from

  • What is assertiveness?
    Assertiveness question from

  • Your girl/ boy friend tells you that they are really mad at you for not returning their calls. You realise that your parents / house mates never gave you the messages. You ...
    Assertiveness question from

  • Your teacher gives you a "C" on a paper that you believe that was at least a "B+". You ...
    Assertiveness question from

  • Your friends says something that hurts your feelings. You ...
    Assertiveness question from

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