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April Questions and Answers

  • Although giving up shifts is not acceptable, we understand that things come up. When attempting to get your shift covered, what steps must be taken?....
    April question from

  • When must you sign and submit your Ceridain timecard (with NO EXCEPTIONS!)?
    April question from

  • Which is NOT one of our Wine brands?
    April question from

  • What is ABV of Guinness?
    April question from

  • As part of the Diageo Marketing Code to promote responsible drinking we will...
    April question from

  • We should exemplify respect for those who choose to abstain from alcohol by:
    April question from

  • The town of Irvine, named after Col. William Irvine, hosts which edible festival during the last weekend of April? 

  • Why is Early Times, produced by Brown-Forman, branded as a whisky instead of a bourbon? 

  • or years, fans of the Boston Red Sox believed the team was cursed by the spirit of Babe Ruth after his disrespectful 1919 trade to the New York Yankees. The Hanshin (Japanese) Tigers believe they were cursed for 18 years because a life-sized statue of which Kentuckian was thrown into the Dotonbori River during a 1985 fan celebration? 

  • Whats the Beer of the month for April ? Style, Percentage, and cost  ?
    April question from

  • Starting in April all Draught Beer samples now must be charged $1.50 - $3.00 and they will receive a 3 oz sample?
    April question from

  • What is April 22nd ? How much does it cost for our benefit Tasting ? Who do the proceeds go to ? What beer Reps will be coming ?
    April question from

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