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  • Where do you find pricing for Pregis air machines and film?

  • The AirSpeed 5000 from Pregis can produce _________ feet of bubble per minute?

  • When does the Red Cross/copy paper promo end?

  • Earlier this week, a blackout in which country left hundreds of millions of people without power?

  • Why were eight badminton players disqualified from the Olympics on Wednesday?

  • Which of the following was not a reaction to Mitt Romney’s tour of England, Israel, and Poland, which concluded on Wednesday?

  • The Buyback Program iDEN migration promotional offer where customers receive $25 credit to their account when upgrading to a CDMA device has been extended.
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  • What is the new expiration date of the Buyback Program iDEN migration promotional offer?
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  • What is the SRP of the new Kyocera Hydro android device?
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  • Who said the following this week? “I’m glad members of my family are giving their version of what it was like to serve our country.... Eventually, objective historians will analyze our administration and will draw objective conclusions.”

  • What is the title of Dick Cheney’s memoir, out this week?

  • With which team did Michael Vick sign a hundred-million-dollar contract for the next six years?