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We rely much more than we think on the humble calendar, even if we now carry them around on our smartphones rather than hanging them up on our walls. Calendars help us plan our busy lives, and ensure that we don't miss those fun events that we love. They can also show our allegiance to a thing or activity, which is why pop group calendars are still best sellers when it come's to the start of a year. Put your knowledge of this fascinating subject to the test by taking part in our calendar quizzes.

The calendar hasn't always been as it is now, in which century was the current Gregorian calendar implemented? What year it currently in the Jewish calendar? The Mayan civilization had their own calendar, in which country were they found? You don't need a calendar to know that quiz time is here.
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December Quiz of the Month

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     Which is not the purpose of the “Try On Time”?

Complete this quiz to see if you are truly a Google Calendar Gladiator.

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    Google Calendar is a web-based application that runs on virtually any operating system.

Do you think you know the months of the year in Spanish? Can you get all the answers correct? Take this quiz to find out how good you really are.

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    In Spanish, the month of May is known as

Get prepared for your test in a easy test

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    What is sunday

This test is aimed to teach you about the history of the Gregorian Calendar! For those of you who don't know, we are using it right now! As of now, you might fail this quiz, but you might be more hungry to learn about it; who...

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  • Sample Question
    The Gregorian calendar was proposed in _______  by ______________.

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Calendar Questions & Answers

Why doesn't Ethiopia not follow the Gregorian calendar?
Note that the Ethiopian Calendar year starts on September 9 or September 10, not in August ( see It started on September 10 when the ending year was a leap year. Otherwise, we celebrate our new year on 9/11 (I
Which month has 28 days?
Actually all 12 mounts have 28 days. Yes it is true that February is the only month that has only 28 days, but they all have at least 28. In December there are 31 days. There are still 28 days in the month.
What is the importance of calendars in our lives, today?
Unlike animals, human beings need structure in their lives. They need to know how long events occur, to predict when things will happen and to make arrangements with other humans that are time based. For all of this they need to measure time and c
What is the difference between Gregorian and Julian calender?
Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII which explains how the name came about. Julian calendar has 2 types of years: Normal year and Leap year. The normal year has 365.25 days and the leap year has 366. Normal year is actually 11 min