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  • What is Corpus Christi?
    What is Corpus Christi?
    The term “Corpus Christi” is a Latin phrase that refers to the “Body of Christ.” It is a feast celebrated by Christians. The event makes references to the last Supper Jesus had with his disciples before his crucifixion as narrated in the Holy Bible. Corpus Christi is mostly celebrated by Roman Catholic Church, but it is also included in the calendar of some Anglican churches. It celebrates the real body and blood, the soul, and the divinity of Jesus is the element of Eucharist, also known as transubstantiation. Corpus Christi is celebrated in late May or early June, and it is also observed as a public holiday in many countries.

  • Why do people celebrate Corpus Christi?
    Why do people celebrate Corpus Christi?
    Corpus Christi is known to be the type of festival wherein people will make it a point to remember the sacrifice that Jesus has done for the people. This allows people to remember that the bread and wine that is usually shown during a mass represents the body and blood of Christ that he sacrificed when he died for the different people who have sinned against him. This is still being celebrated right now because it seems that a lot of people have already forgotten the sacrifices that Jesus has made for them. There are some countries wherein this is considered to be a public holiday.

  • Why is it called "Corpus Christi"?
    Why is it called "Corpus Christi"?
    Corpus Christi is a Latin word that stands for the “Body of Christ”. The feast is also known as “Dies Sanctissimi Corporis et Sanguinis Domini Iesu Christi” which stands for "Day of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord" in Liturgical Latin. The feast is named Corpus Christi because it celebrates the body and blood of Jesus Christ. At the Last Supper before the crucifixion, Jesus used wine and bread to represent his body and blood. He also mentioned that the act should be done in remembrance of him. Hence, it was named “Corpus Christi”.

  • What is Summer Solstice?
    What is Summer Solstice?
    Summer solstice originates from the Latin words “sol” and “sistere”. Sol means “Sun” and sistere means “stationary” or “to stop”. Summer solstice occurs when the Earth is farthest position around the sun with axial angle of about 22.4 degrees. This causes the Sun to heat the Earth directly. The effect of this is that, we have longer days in the year. This usually happen once in a year. The Northern hemisphere experiences this once and same happens in the Southern hemisphere. This usually happen around 20 – 22nd of June in the northern hemisphere and 20 – 22nd off December in the Southern hemisphere.

  • What is the significance of Summer Solstice?
    What is the significance of Summer Solstice?
    There was a time when the summer solstice signified the time when the season of abundance is going to start. A lot of people loved the summer season because they know that this is the time when they do not have to worry about going out and bringing their umbrellas. It is during summer that they can have fun under the sun and go on a vacation. This is the time in the past when ancestors made a lot of effort to stock up on the resources that they would need throughout the year. As time passed, it became more accessible for people to have the items that they need to become available through supermarkets and grocery stores, but it will still be hard to deny the beauty of summer and the promise that it brings to a lot of people.

  • Why Summer Solstice is called as Mid summer?
    Why Summer Solstice is called as Mid summer?
    Some people feel that the summer solstice represents midsummer mainly because some people follow different three-month patterns every year. This means that the astrological season is based on the earth’s position depending on the sun. If you would consider its name, this usually happens during the midsummer and not at the start of summer. People may have already experienced a few warm days before undergoing the longest day of the year. Some people call this midsummer because this is the season that is in between planting and also harvests. Take note that after this, the days will begin to shorten until the winter solstice is reached. This is known to be the shortest day of the year.

  • What is the reason behind Summer Solstice?
    What is the reason behind Summer Solstice?
    The summer solstice takes place when the northern side of the earth is tilted towards the sun. This will cause summer to take place in the northern hemisphere. Since the southern hemisphere is not getting enough sun, it will be winter there. The summer solstice is essential because it is essential for people to experience the different seasons. For other people, the summer solstice signifies some changes that they will do in their lives. Summer usually makes people more joyful. It gives them a chance and the opportunity to do more, and this makes the day unique for them. Take note that the distance of the earth from the sun does nothing with the changes that will be experienced by the earth.

  • Is Corpus Christi celebrated all over the world?
    Is Corpus Christi celebrated all over the world?
    Corpus Christi is observed by many nations all over the world. It is mostly celebrated by Romans. Countries such as: Austria, Brazil, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Panama, Peru, Poland, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and many others observe public holiday on the day Corpus Christi is celebrated. The feast is recognised worldwide by Christians. In some countries Christians also parade the street after Mass with Wafer to signify that Jesus died for all and that salvation is for all. The celebration is less common in the United Kingdom compared to other European nations.

  • Where does Corpus Christi have its origin?
    Where does Corpus Christi have its origin?
    Corpus Christi started in the year 1246. Robert de Torote ordered this to be celebrated. If you translated Corpus Christi, you would get “Body of Christ.” A lot of people do not know that Corpus Christi is named after a town. This town can be found in Spain, and this is said to be a semitropical bay with lush surroundings. It may have started many centuries ago, but a lot of people are still celebrating it right now. They feel that this is their way of commemorating that Jesus gave up a lot to save people who turned against him even if they believed him at first. Those whom he thought he could trust also turned his back on him. Corpus Christi allows people to remember that the bread and wine that is being shown during the mass is the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

  • Do you celebrate Corpus Christi every year?
    Do you celebrate Corpus Christi every year?
    I am a Roman Catholic, but I live in a place wherein Corpus Christi is not a big celebration. Other celebrations are considered to be more important than this. I believe that some devout Catholics would still practice and celebrate this no matter what part of the world they are in. I do remember, and I acknowledge that the bread and wine that is usually shown during the mass represents the body and blood of Christ. I do not forget that Jesus has also sacrificed a lot to save a lot of people. The Corpus Christi is a solemn celebration, so I make it a point to say a prayer when I get the chance sometime during the day.

  • Where is Summer Solstice celebrated around the world?
    Where is Summer Solstice celebrated around the world?
    The summer solstice usually occurs in the 20th or 21st of June. This is usually celebrated in certain places such as Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Some people are just extremely happy to be experiencing a whole new day wherein the sun will shine the longest. Some people base their moods on how often they become exposed to sunlight. The start or the celebration of summer is also essential for some people because it is during the summer that they usually feel the happiest. They typically think that this is the time when they can party and have fun with their friends. Take note that summer solstice may occur differently for different people depending on where they are.

  • Which is the longest day of this year?
    Which is the longest day of this year?
    The longest day of this year is the summer solstice that occurred last June 20 to 22 depending on the time zones of the different countries. The date may change every year, but the fact remains that this is the day wherein the earth is tilted in such a way that it will receive a lot of the sun’s rays. There are some people who are excited for this day because they feel that this signifies abundance and new beginnings. There are also some people who say that summer is their favorite season. They feel that the summer solstice shows the beauty of season because of how alive everything is in this world when there is light.

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