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After this quiz you’ll be able to take some days off and celebrate. But before that, do us a big favor and put your skills to the test in our holiday quiz. Travel around the world and discover some of the most famous holidays. Come back here and use your experience to tackle every challenge in the holiday trivia. Start off with some sample questions.

How many public holidays are there in the United States? How about France? How long does Hanukkah last? When does Earth Day fall every year? How many national holidays does India have? What’s the usual meal served on Thanksgiving day? When is Black Friday usually celebrated and what does it imply? These are some of the wonderful questions we’ve got cooking for you in our holiday quiz. Make the best of this experience!

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  • When you hear Jingle Bells on the radio do you.....

  • Your favorite holiday treat is.....

  • If you had to choose one for a meal, you would choose......

  • Which of the following is your favorite type of ethnic restaurant?

  • Which of the following baby animals do you think is the cutest?

  • Which of the following is your favorite color?

  • What type of reading material will be going in your suitcase?

  • Who would be your perfect travelling companion?

  • How important is food to you on your holiday? What would be your meal of choice?