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  • What are the steps to follow in an emergency?
    What are the steps to follow in an emergency?
    You want to check first to size up the seen. If you were to see a man floating face down (an emergency) you would check too see if she actually needed help first before calling !!!!

  • How many cylces of CPR should you perform to an adult in two minutes?
    How many cylces of CPR should you perform to an adult in two minutes?
    The answer "1" is wrong. From the red cross handbook: "Perform about 2 minutes (or 5 cycles) of CPR..."if it takes you 2 minutes to do 30 compressions and 2 breaths, you're doing it wrong

  • How many cylces of CPR should you perform to an adult in two minutes?
    How many cylces of CPR should you perform to an adult in two minutes?
    5 cycles of CPR (each cycle consists of 30 compressions and 2 breaths)

  • What should I do if the person does not give consent?
    What should I do if the person does not give consent?
    Somebody call 911 shirley fiire bruning on dance floor. Thanks

  • Where should you position a conscious choking infant's head?
    Where should you position a conscious choking infant's head?
    A delaney le gusta pollo y salir con john y tambien le encantan las peliculas de amor y los swanes

  • Why is Canada Day celebrated?
    Why is Canada Day celebrated?
    Canada Day is celebrated because this is a holiday that had taken a long time before it was taken seriously by people. This was started back in the late 1800s, but people did not celebrate it because they were still under the British regime. They have also gone through a lot of wars and other problems. It was only in 1982 when people started taking this seriously. A lot of people have started making an effort to create traditions that will be passed on to the next generations. People began to cook some barbecue and drink with their family members and friends on this day. This is the time when they can forget about all of their troubles, even for just a short while to commemorate the time when they have become free as a nation.

  • What is the history of Canada Day?
    What is the history of Canada Day?
    Canada Day is known to be a holiday that happens on July 1. This commemorates the anniversary of the Confederation that occurred in the year 1867. Some people understand that this is Dominion Day. This is a holiday that became even more celebrated after World War II. It should be noted that even if Canada was officially born that year, they were not wholly free from England until the year 1982. There are still some Canadians who consider themselves to be British citizens. Different parades occur in different parts of Canada to commemorate the event. Some people also sing O Canada to show their love for their country.

  • What Canada Day actually is?
    What Canada Day actually is?
    There was a time when Canada Day was not as widely celebrated as it is being celebrated right now. Over the years, the Canadians decided that they are going to pay more attention to the holiday. The primary purpose of this is to make Canadians remember the things that they had gone through before they started to reach the freedom that they feel they deserve. Do take note that not all Canadians feel this way. Some may think that they are still British citizens, so they do not celebrate this holiday that much. This used to be called Dominion Day, but over the years, it has managed to become more popular.

  • What is the best way to celebrate Canada Day?
    What is the best way to celebrate Canada Day?
    Canada Day is celebrated with everything Canadian. This ranges from food, clothes, and all other Canadian festivities. You can celebrate Canada Day by participating in the festivities such as parades, citizenship ceremonies, festivals, carnivals, air and maritime shows, fireworks, barbecue, and free musical concerts. You can also enjoy local delicacies such as Canadian Lobster, Alberta leaf, and Montreal Smoked. You can also try out Canadian drinks like Caesar. Make sure you are dressed in Canadian themed attire to make sure that you are dressed the part for the anniversary. Hope you find this helpful.

  • When was Canada Day first celebrated?
    When was Canada Day first celebrated?
    Canada Day was first celebrated on July 1, 1867. This signified that Canada became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain. People used to call this Dominion Day up to the year 1982. This was the only time. Ever since 1983, people started to refer to this as Canada Day. They made sure that they will make an effort to celebrate the time when they have finally become free. Some people will sing a lot of music, especially those who love singing along to their national song. A lot of people would also drink as much as they can to enjoy and celebrate with the rest of their friends.

  • When did the US gain its freedom? ?
    When did the US gain its freedom? ?
    The freedom of the people of the United States is fundamental to them. They like to make sure that they are indeed the Land of the Free. They got their independence on July 4, 1776. This was the time when the American colonies finally severed their ties with Great Britain. This explains why July 4 is being celebrated by Americans wholeheartedly. This is a day full of celebration complete with a lot of food, alcohol, and fireworks display at night. There are even some Americans who say that this might be their favorite holiday of all the available holidays. It is not a surprise, especially since a lot of Americans are patriotic.

  • What does Independence Day indicate in the US?
    What does Independence Day indicate in the US?
    Independence day has to be one of the most important holidays in America. This signifies the time when they have severed their ties with the British colony so that they can live on their own. Fast forward to centuries later, America is still doing very well. They are known to be one of the first world countries in the world. Some people aspire to be in America because they feel that they can earn more and make the most out of their life when they are there. There is always a belief that those who are living in America are more privileged, but this is not always true. It will still depend on what people make out of their lives even if they are in America. They should again make an effort to do well so they can live well.

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