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The environment is one of the most precious things we have on this Earth and it is well worth fighting for. In order to attract attention on the issue of its conservation, people have come up with the World Environment Day. If you know a lot about this particular occasion, then this is your chance to prove to everyone just how good you are. Take a look at these samples, though.

It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, marking the debut of what conference? On Occasion of World Environment Day June 5th 2015 Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi planted what kind of plant at his official residence? In what year was this day celebrated for the first time? Let us celebrate the environment and answer these questions.
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    What is the most ubiquitous type of "litter" on the planet?

Welcome to another world environment day quiz. The environment is made of both living and nonliving things that work for the benefit of each other. Every fifth of June, for over forty years, people celebrate different aspects...

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    The theme for this year's  World Environment Day celebrations is:

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    On site, we must prevent pollution of watercourses, such as the Grand Union canal at West Drayton. In Riga, Latvia, high levels of pollutants are still found in many of the country’s main water sources, thus placing Latvia amongst the worst in Europe for water quality. Which Crossrail West station is twinned with Riga?

Choose the best answer! Happy World Environment Day!

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    Costanza et al. (1997) estimated the value of global forest ecosystem goods and services at:

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    When was World Environment Day celebrated for the first time?


World Environment Day Questions & Answers

What should we do on World Environment Day?
There are many different ways to honor the earth on World Environment Day. You could spread awareness about the topic among others by making fliers or pamphlets explaining what is occurring globally, as far as nature, climate, or other aspects of env
What did the United Nations Food and agriculture organization suggest in their recent report?
In a recent report conducted by the United Nations Food and Agriculture, certain studies were reviewed to make suggestions about what foods are safe to eat if the standard fare is not available or somewhere like in an underdeveloped nation. There is
Which countries celebrate World Environment Day?
Over 100 countries over the globe celebrated World Environment Day. World Environment Day is celebrated in June every year. The aim of this celebration is to create awareness and protection of the environment. World Environment Day is celebrated in C
Who started celebrating World Environment Day?
World Environment Day is a day established to help the environment. Over time, especially when the Industrial Revolution began, the things that humans do hurt the environment. When the Industrial Revolution began, many factories were created and they
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