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A fanfare plays "America the Brave", fireworks go off above football stadiums and barbeques are sizzling hot dogs everywhere. Yes my friend, we're talking about the sights and sounds of freedom! Independence day...the fourth of July! But how much do you know about it?

Maybe you're from the United States, maybe you're not....but let's find out how much you know about freedom and the American way. Prepare to liberate the answers for questions like "Who did the US gain their independence from?" "Who was the leader that lead that decisive victory?" and "Which meal is always served on this day?" We'll soon see who's independent, and who would rather be a slave to their own ways.
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US Independence Day, often termed as Fourth of July is a federal holiday in the United States observing the Declaration of Independence of U.S on July 4, 1776.  How well do you know about US Independence Day? Take this...

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    The Declaration of Independence was approved in which year?

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    When was the Declaration of Independence formally adopted?

We all know what happens on the fourth of July? It is the day of emancipation for the American's and as part of its tradition, special foods are prepared to commemorate this day. Which 4th pf July food are you?

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  • Sample Question
    Do you give everyone a chance?

Happy Independence Day! If you’ve put out the flag, packed the cooler and bought the fireworks, only one question remains: Just how much do you really know about the American history you’re about to...

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    Extra credit: Two famous American documents, the Declaration and the Constitution, were signed by the people present when drafted and approved. Among the following, who signed both documents?

Why are you breaking out the red, white and blue today? Test your Independence Day knowledge with this quiz.

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    The Fourth of July celebrates


Fourth Of July Questions & Answers

What is American Independence Day and why it is celebrated on 4th July?
The American Independence Day is celebrated every 4th of July of each year. This might be one of the most popular dates worldwide as millions of people, even though they are not Americans, know this date. This is because many 4th of July merchandise
What do people do on 4th of July?
Every year on July 4th, Americans celebrate their Day of Independence. Their Declaration of Independence was signed thanks to their forefathers who demanded their freedom from the British Kingdom. Since then, they always celebrate this holiday like n
When did the US gain its freedom?
The freedom of the people of the United States is fundamental to them. They like to make sure that they are indeed the Land of the Free. They got their independence on July 4, 1776. This was the time when the American colonies finally severed their t