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That special day every year when you and your entire family gather home and enjoy a delicious turkey dinner cooked perfectly. This holiday is celebrated especially in North America and in a few other countries around the world. Here you have our thanksgiving quiz so prepare to answer some though questions about one of the important national holidays of the United States and Canada.

What is the traditional day in which people celebrate Thanksgiving? Traditionally, people gathered on thanksgiving in order to give thanks for the blessings of what? What was the name of the president which proclaimed the first nation-wide thanksgiving celebration in America marking November 26, 1789? Are you ready for your turkey dinner? Great, but not before you’re done with this quiz so hurry up.

Thanksgiving is full of wonderful dishes such as roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and how can you forget dessert? Come on, take the quiz to find out which delicious Thanksgiving dessert you are! It's all about fun.

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    You're cooking a hearty brunch for family and friends. What is your favorite dish on the menu?  

Have you ever wondered, if I were a food what would I be? Well we're spicing it up even more and finding out what type of THANKSGIVING food you would be on our plate!Also, check out the limited time (22nd November to 1st...

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    What's your Flavor?

Every Thanksgiving, the White House pardons two turkeys. Their names are oddly similar to the codenames given to officials protected by the Secret Service. Can you tell the difference?

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Wear your thinking caps & test your knowledge of Thanksgiving

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    Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

Test your knowledge of Thanksgiving.

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    Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving Questions & Answers

Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?
It used to be a popular belief that the Pilgrims had turkey when they came to the US. They decided to dedicate a day to the celebration and the feast of a turkey. There is also a belief that the Pilgrims sat with the Wampanoag Indians and had turkey
Why is the date for Thanksgiving different in Canada?
Canada and America are two different countries and they celebrate thanksgiving on different days and in different ways. Long before people settled in North America, thanksgiving was celebrated in Europe in the month of October. It was first celebrate
Why is Thanksgiving important?
Thanksgiving is important for many reasons, it is one of the only times that family members from diverse background, come near and gather to commune with one another. This helps to create stronger relationships, reconnect with long lost family member
Why does the date for Thanksgiving change every year?
Thanksgiving was originally not assigned a specific day or month for its celebration but since President Roosevelt signed the bill on December 26, 1941, thanksgiving was set to be celebrated on the 4th Thursday in the month of November every year mak