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July Questions and Answers

  • How many players are on a rugby team?

  • How many points is a drop goal worth when playing rugby?

  • How many forwards does a side have in rugby union play?

  •  In which of the following city, the world’s first digital art museum opened its doors to the public?  
    July question from

  • Which of the following rivers does originate from the Kullu Valley?  
    July question from

  • Chenab or Chandrabhaga originates from………..  
    July question from

  • Who or what did Hillary Clinton say has “lost legitimacy” and is “not indispensable”?
    July question from

  • Sherwood Schwartz died this week, at the age of ninety-four. What did he create?
    July question from

  • Who said the following about what? “When I saw that image, I said, ‘My God, it's a baseball.’ ”
    July question from

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