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Worship Questions and Answers

  • Worship is from an Old English word _____
    Worship question from

  • Worship is gotten from an old English word meaning to _____
    Worship question from

  • Mandala is a worship form in _____
    Worship question from

  • What is life to you?
    Worship question from

  • You are on your way to deliver produce to the nearby village for sale. Before you is a bridge over a stream, it is old and would not likely bare the weight of your cart. What comes to mind first?
    Worship question from

  • Where do you feel the most in tune with yourself?
    Worship question from

  • Which one of these is not one of the Five Pillars?

  • True or FalseAll Muslims, regardless of age, health, or financial status, must make the Hajj to Mecca once within their lifetime.

  • True or FalseThere is a specific amount of money that Muslims are required to donate to charity.

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