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Worship, a tribute, acknowledgement or praise toward a deity, can take many forms. It can be done by an individual, a group or a leader. Traditions for worship vary widely across different religions, so if you know your holy customs, take our quizzes on worship! What is the term for the Islamic mandate for prayer five times a day? What is the term for the Sanskrit scriptures that dictate modes of worship in Hinduism? What is a mantra? What are the differences in worship between Pure Land Buddhism and Nichiren Buddhism? During what kind of moon do wiccan worshipers perform their rituals?

What is the term for the weekly worship service in the Roman Catholic faith? What days of the week to Christians typically worship? What three prayers are traditionally recited daily in the Jewish faith? We’ve got questions about worship, if you’ve got answers! Check out our worship quizzes today!

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Worship Questions and Answers

  • What is life to you?
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  • You are on your way to deliver produce to the nearby village for sale. Before you is a bridge over a stream, it is old and would not likely bare the weight of your cart. What comes to mind first?
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  • Where do you feel the most in tune with yourself?
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  • Which one of these is not one of the Five Pillars?

  • True or FalseAll Muslims, regardless of age, health, or financial status, must make the Hajj to Mecca once within their lifetime.

  • True or FalseThere is a specific amount of money that Muslims are required to donate to charity.