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  • Why do Christian women wear white on their marriage day?
    Why do Christian women wear white on their marriage day?
    This time I really got an interesting question to answer. And it’s not the first time when people want to know the answer of the same question. Since my childhood, I have seen people talking about this concept. A white wedding dress comes under traditional formal or semi-formal. It originated from Great Britain before hundreds of years. Before this, red was the most popular color for red gowns, most probably due to the saying “Roses are red”, as per the rumors. It is believed that on her wedding day, dated on Feb 10, 1840 Queen Victoria had worn a lacy white gown with an orange blossom wreath. This dress became a massive hit in 1890’s and after her, all women opted for wearing a white dress on their wedding. After few years, an eminent women’s magazine, The Godey’s lady book announced that white is the most fitting color. Before this, people (even I) used to believe that Christians wear white because this color symbolizes purity or virginity. However, let me clear your doubts that Queen Victoria didn’t wear white for this reason. She liked white and hence, wore it.

  • What does it mean to be Christian?
    What does it mean to be Christian?
    According to the bible Genesis:6969, "thou shall love thine yeezy and buy them breezies, coming 2030 to a gucci store near you."

  • What does it mean to be Christian?
    What does it mean to be Christian?
    To pursue a relationship with god. To be Do what ever god or Jesus christ may ask no matter how silly or stupid, or dumb we may look.

  • What is the difference between Northern and Southern Baptist?
    What is the difference between Northern and Southern Baptist?
    Baptist doctrine is one of the largest Christian denominations and has been existing since the early 17th century. The Northern Baptist is also known as American Baptist Churches {USA} though they share many fundamental beliefs with the Baptists in the South as well known as Baptist in general. Differences still exist. There is a lot of significant difference between the two types of Baptist in the aspect of theology, mission, and even worship. The Northern Baptist belief that women can take control of leadership roles within the church while the Southern Baptist does not, though both men and women are all are equal in the eyes of the Lord. The Northern Baptist doesn't say directly that if you don't accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior, you can not be saved to earn eternity, but Southern Baptist teaches that unless you are born again and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior, you will end up in hell. Southern Baptist has condemned gay and lesbian relationships {same sex relationship} while the northern Baptists still welcomes it.

  • What is the difference between Jehovah's witnesses and Christians?
    What is the difference between Jehovah's witnesses and Christians?
    Jehovah’s Witnesses are part of Christianity. It is a branch of Christianity, but it is considered to be nontrinitarian and millenarian and restorationist. Therefore, Christianity is the larger category with Jehovah’s Witnesses is a branch within the category. There are about eight million followers of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Many of Jehovah’s Witnesses go from door to door to discuss their religion with others. Not all of the branches of Christianity do that. Many of them are less likely to do that. Instead of calling God, they call him Jehovah. That is different from other branches of Christianity that call the supreme being God and not Jehovah. Also, instead of holding the worship services in a church, they call their building a Kingdom Hall.

  • What is the difference between Lutheran and Baptist?
    What is the difference between Lutheran and Baptist?
    The Christian community has been divided into sub-sects, though they all believed in the same God through the salvation of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Two of the similar but different sub-sects are the Lutherans and Baptists. They have a lot of things in common, but they have some things that differentiate them. Though they use the same holy bible, but there are some slight differences in their doctrines, dogmas and teaching or teaching methods. The Lutherans seem to be more sacramental in theology, but the Baptists are more commemorative and experienced. The Lutheran started in the 16th century by Martin Luther King. This was aimed at reforming the Christian society by the teaching of justification by God’s grace alone through faith. On the other hand, the Baptist Church started with the initiative of John Smyth, an English Separatist in the year 1609. They believe in salvation through faith alone, and the faith is solely between the worshipper and his God.

  • Which of the following do Jehovah Witnesses not do?
    Which of the following do Jehovah Witnesses not do?
    Why do they not serve in the militaryxoxo,ruby

  • Why did Jesus die on the cross?
    Why did Jesus die on the cross?
    I hate condiments! Tomato sawce is scawy af lol!!! Musstard is a SIN!

  • What should you do if your friend is Sinning?
    What should you do if your friend is Sinning?
    Continue the friendship and pray for them. You are also a sinner so why does it matter?

  • What is the difference between Lutheran and Christian?
    What is the difference between Lutheran and Christian?
    One of the biggest religions in the world is Christianity. One branch of that is Lutheran. There are other branches too, including Methodism, Catholicism, and Presbyterianism. Christianity is the more significant category, and Lutheran is a sub-category of Christianity. Lutherans follow Martin Luther’s teachings and beliefs. However, some of those beliefs are part of Christianity. However, Christians follow the Roman Catholic Church. There may be a few beliefs and procedures that are not the same for every Christian. For example, Catholics hold mass and have communion during every service. Lutherans may not as well as other denominations of Christianity. Martin Luther wrote 95 theses because he did not like how the church was functioning. He posted the arguments on the church’s door.

  • What is the Christian view of psychics?
    What is the Christian view of psychics?
    With Christianity there is no main beliefs or values about psychics. It all depends upon each person’s individual beliefs. Psychics are people who believe they can either predict the future or see things that others can’t see. Sometimes, the police detectives use psychics if they are having trouble solving a case like a murder case. They may consult a psychic to help them find either the body of the victim or help find the suspect or criminal in the case. This belief in psychics rarely play a part in Christianity. The main beliefs and values in Christianity revolves around Jesus and love. Today, there are psychics who are fake and they just want money. These people should not be believed.

  • What is the Christian view of suicide?
    What is the Christian view of suicide?
    Suicide is when someone kills themselves. It has become an epidemic problem in this country and around the world. In Christianity, people are frowned upon when they commit suicide, but it is also believed that people who commit suicide, they will go to hell. However, it does seem that there are exceptions to this belief with some people who practice Christianity. One exception would be that the mentally ill may commit suicide, but they can’t help it since they have problems. Many people who are contemplating suicide may believe that they will go to hell and that causes them to stop the process of committing suicide. There are really different views regarding suicide among Christians especially today and in modern times.

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