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Why do Christian women wear white on their marriage day?
This time I really got an interesting question to answer. And it’s not the first time when people want to know the answer of the same question. Since my childhood, I have seen people talking about this concept. A white wedding dress comes un
What is the difference between Lutheran and Baptist?
The Christian community has been divided into sub-sects, though they all believed in the same God through the salvation of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Two of the similar but different sub-sects are the Lutherans and Baptists. They hav
What does it mean to be Christian?
According to the bible Genesis:6969, "thou shall love thine yeezy and buy them breezies, coming 2030 to a gucci store near you."
What does it mean to be Christian?
To pursue a relationship with god. To be Do what ever god or Jesus christ may ask no matter how silly or stupid, or dumb we may look.