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There are different types of disorders that a person may be suffering from and one of the ways to diagnose them is by reading the brain waves of a patient, their eyes movement or heart rate using the polysomnography exam. Below...

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    According to accepted sleep scoring standards, if other scoring criteria are met, which of the following activities would be considered an event when each is 0.5 seconds in duration? 1. PLM 2. Arousal 3. Spindle 4. K-Complex

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    The E2 electrode is placed out and up from the outer canthus of the right eye, and E1 is placed out and down from the outer canthus of the left eye. If the E2 channel on the study is channel 4, and E1 is channel 5, what will the waves on these channels do when the patient looks up?

Practice artifact recognition & correction Quiz for Polysomnography

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    The technician observes muscle artifact in a single EEG channel that shares a common reference with other channels. The appropriate response is:

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    Select all recommendations for VIEWING THE STUDY

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    To be characterized as an arousal, elevated EEG activity must last at least...


Polysomnography Questions & Answers

What is the major difference between AC and DC amplifiers?
When it comes to amplifiers, they are needed for the audience to hear the music or speech. There are two different types of amplifiers and they are AC amplifiers and DC amplifiers. The main difference in these two amplifiers were created for a reason
What is the role of polysomnography in diagnosing sleep apnea?
Polysomnography is known to be a sleep study. This means that the person takes tests while sleeping. The method will be able to determine if there are any abnormalities in the person’s sleeping patterns. The sleep study will be able to tell if
What type of study is Polysomnography?
This is a type of study that usually deals with determining sleep disorders. This type of test will be able to check out your brain waves to see if there are any irregularities that you should know about. Aside from the brain waves, this also checks
What does polysomnograohy diagnose?
This type of test will be able to determine if the person has some sleeping disorders that should be addressed soon. There are some sleep disorders that can be cured with therapy and other small items. There are some testing devices that are used by
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