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Doctor, Doctor...I have a problem! I can't seem to finish any quizzes! "Well, here's what you need to do..." It's time to take this quiz! Do you know your doctors? Maybe you watch tv shows such as House MD or Grey's Anatomy? Maybe you're an avid reader or (if you have the time) a medicine student?

Either way, it's time to dissect your brain in search of the answers! Get ready to answer questions about doctors, medicine, nurses and TV shows! Maybe you'll end up with a PDH in quizzing, or maybe you have a disease that can't be cured by science alone?

Becoming a doctor is not an easy path. It takes years and a rock-solid dedication to learn everything about medicine. So if you want to know if it is your direction to become a Doctor, take this quiz to help you decide.

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    What can you say about mercy killing?

A doctor is someone who saves a lot of lives through advice, medication or surgeries. If you are planning to become a doctor one think you should know is which type best suits you. The quiz below is designed to help you...

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    Do you have a fear of blood?

This is for people who watch doctor who and love the 11th doctor.

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    What does the doctor call amy and rory?

A quiz to help you study the DR AND MRS VANDERTRAMP verbs.

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    What does aller mean?

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Doctor Questions & Answers

What is the difference between MD and MS?
Multiple sclerosis is a central neurological disease that often affects the spinal cord and typically causes difficulties with strength and weight gain. Muscular dystrophy is a muscular disease, and it does not in any way disturb the central nervous
Entrer, Singulier, Masculin
Shouldn't it be:(Il est) entrénotentr(s)
What should you do? A 10-year-old girl in 5th grade presents to you asking for a school excuse for the abdominal pain that has kept her out of school for the last 3 days. She states that she felt...
All of the aboveThe average child should not be sick more than 5 days during the year, and has 5 unexcused absences. As physicians, it is our responsibility to communicate with our patients, their parents, and the school districts about factors at h
What does a Doctor of Philosophy do?
For someone who holds a doctorate in philosophy there are several different career paths that can be taken. Most often, you will find them teaching in a university somewhere. Some however choose to spend their time in research and writing. But many o