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What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you ever thought to be a cop? Cops are cool. They catch criminals, they collect evidence. Others patrol set areas to prevent crime. Some patrol and give out traffic tickets. Some police direct traffic. Most police wear uniforms and uniforms are cool too. So, do you think you know enough to answer a couple of questions about police? Here are some clues about how easy is our next trivia:

in which countries the policemen do not carry firearms? Can you name some common pieces of police equipment? What is the role of sirens and light bars? What is Interpol? What is the modus operandi most frequently used by thieves? Are you ready to solve these quizzes? Answer all the questions and solve this case!
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Becoming a police officer is about a lot more than just putting on a uniform and patrolling the city for illegal activity. To even get to the point where you can be considered suitable to uphold the law, you need to display a...

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    What is 50% of 12?

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    The lowest or first level in the police officers "Force continuum" is _________ control.

Chapter Three Questions

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    A breakdown in communication is an inevitable consequence of 

How well do you know Broward county signals and codes? The codes are used by the police to mean different things. If you are looking to review and visualize how well you know your 10 codes, you can practice these questions over...

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Police Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Detention and Arrest?
Some may assume that detention and arrest are completely the same, but these are different from each other. When you say detention, this means that you may be questioned by the authorities because they suspect that you may have something to do with a
What is the difference between Police dept and Sheriff's dept?
The sheriff dept is a law enforcement agency, just as the police dept, but operates on a wider ground compared to the police dept. The sheriff enforces law at the level of a county or a particular subdivision in a state, while the police operate in a
In Muir's typology of policing styles, the reciprocator
(C) Balanced coercion with compassion  The reciprocator was to have citizens solve problems and made a deal to keep the peace.
What is the difference between Forthcoming and Forthright?
A lot of people do not realize that forthcoming and forthright are not exactly the same things. They are known to be adjectives, but they have different meanings. When you say forthright, you mean this is a non-evasive way. This means that even thoug
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