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What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you ever thought to be a cop? Cops are cool. They catch criminals, they collect evidence. Others patrol set areas to prevent crime. Some patrol and give out traffic tickets. Some police direct traffic. Most police wear uniforms and uniforms are cool too. So, do you think you know enough to answer a couple of questions about police? Here are some clues about how easy is our next trivia:

in which countries the policemen do not carry firearms? Can you name some common pieces of police equipment? What is the role of sirens and light bars? What is Interpol? What is the modus operandi most frequently used by thieves? Are you ready to solve these quizzes? Answer all the questions and solve this case!
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What do you know about the force continuum for police? Police officers use the force continuum, a scale of force alternatives, to mediate each situation's response level. It gives law enforcement officers and civilians...

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    The lowest or first level in the police officers "Force continuum" is _________ control.

Chapter Three Questions

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    A breakdown in communication is an inevitable consequence of 

Many people accuse officers of police brutality, but you never know what you would do if you were in their shoes. Take this quiz and see what type of police officer you are.​

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    Your doing your daily rounds as a police officer when you see a car pull up to a black male on the side of the road, when observing the situation you can tell an exchange occurs. What do you do?

For a class at middlesex county college on police administration its a final studyguide.

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    Which of the following was not listed in the text as one of the broad responsibilities of police leaders?

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Police Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Detention and Arrest?
Some may assume that detention and arrest are completely the same, but these are different from each other. When you say detention, this means that you may be questioned by the authorities because they suspect that you may have something to do with a
What is the difference between Forthcoming and Forthright?
When you say forthcoming, this word can have a lot of meaning. It would depend on how you would use it so that you will know how this should be used. For example, you may use this word to indicate that something is about to appear. For example, you m
What is the difference between Police dept and Sheriff's dept?
The sheriff dept is a law enforcement agency, just as the police dept, but operates on a wider ground compared to the police dept. The sheriff enforces law at the level of a county or a particular subdivision in a state, while the police operate in a
5 bricklayers can lay a total of 50 bricks in 30 minutes.How many bricklayers will be required to lay a total of 60 bricks in 20 minutes?
9You can calculate the hourly rate of each bricklayer like this: 5 bricklayers laying 50 bricks in 30 minutes means 1 bricklayer will lay 10 bricks in 30 minutes. So 1 bricklayer will lay 20 bricks in 60 minutes (1 hour) Now we can see that to