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Occupational Therapy Practice Test- Quiz! It is actively responsible for developing, administering, and reviewing the certification process regarding occupational therapy. So, if you are looking towards taking an exam for the...

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    Neurological: Which of the following methods is INCORRECT when working with a TBI patient with a Rancho Level IV?

This quiz is meant to put your knowledge to the test to see how well you know/understand the profession of occupational therapy. Take our quiz to find out how you do!

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    What do occupational therapists do?

Questions from occupational therapy fun. anatomy 2

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    Thermal sensation the hottest you can compared to the coldest you can go.

Post test for the lecture conducted by Susan Burns, OT on May 1, 2013

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    Occupational Therapy is a new approach in treating individuals with disabilities.

A quick test to make sure you understand the information found on this website, and ensure you will be safe in the workplace!

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    How should you have your feet positioned when sitting on the floor?

Occupational Therapy Questions & Answers

What do you understand by prone in Pediatrics?
There are some people who may argue that prone positioning in pediatrics is not good. There are some infants who experience sudden death syndrome because of this position. Yet, there are times when this position can be good especially for infants who
Which is the most suitable option here? A patient with a recent hip fracture wants to have grab bars installed in her bathtub to prevent future falls. The occupational therapist recommends the grab...
1. 33-36 inches from the floor outside of the bathtubAccording to ADA recommendations, grab bars should be 33 to 36 inches above the bathroom floor (Grab bars at bathtubs, 2002), not from the bottom of the bathtub.
Which of the following should the therapist recommend to the teacher in order to inhibit the child's extensor tone, while maintaining a functional seated position in the classroom? An OT is...
1. Place a seat belt at a 45 degree angle at the hips Case-Smith (ed). Shepherd, J: Self-care and adaptations for independent living