Physical Therapy Quizzes & Trivia

Physical therapy can provide countless benefits to the ill or injured. Did you realize that records of physical therapy being practiced have been found going back to as early as 460 BC? Therapists have a variety of tools and techniques that they use when working with patients. Do you know the name of “The Father of Swedish Gymnastics,” the founder of the world’s first professional organization for physical therapists?
Can you name the type of therapy that uses swimming pools to bear part of the patient’s weight? Did you know that in addition to sports injuries, physical therapists work with all kinds of other ailments, including heart patients and burn victims? If you think you have all the answers, check out some of our quizzes and see how much you really know!

Below is an APTA Combined Sections Meeting Trivia Questions Quiz. It is ideal for all trainers to undertake as it helps them refresh what they know about the clients they may come across. Do you think you know enough to pass the...

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  • Sample Question
    When a runner’s foot lands, which experiences more force?

This quiz is based off of Chapter 1 of the APTA Guide to Physical Therapist Practice.

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  • Sample Question
    In order for a physical therapist to practice, he/she must be educated at the _____ level and be licensed in the  _______ practiced in.

The NPTE is used to evaluate the capability of licensure candidates who have graduated from either an accredited physical therapy program or comparable non-accredited program.

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  • Sample Question
    A physical therapist is working in an outpatient orthopedic clinic. During the patient's history the patient reports, "I tore 3 of my 4 Rotator cuff muscles in the past." Which of the following muscles cannot be considered as possibly being torn?

Practice Quiz for PT Final

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  • Sample Question
    What was the original purpose of the Physical Therapist Scope of Practice?

After a grave accident or the disfunction of our body we often need some kind of rehabilitation. That's when physiotherapy comes in handy, since it uses a combination of mechanical force, movements, manual therapy, exercise...

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  • Sample Question
    What's the other name for physiotherapy?