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It is where nurses can comprehend their ob knowledge and skills.  It is a useful  questions for student nurses who currently taking up board exams.

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    Which of the following observations would suggest that placental separetion is occuring?

Human gestation at times tends to be very delicate. Obstetrics deal with all the issues through the process. Are you studying for an exam or just want to jot your memory on the subject? This is the quiz for you.

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    How many hours is sperm/ovum viable

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    Inpatient obstetric care results in approximately what percentage of malpractice claims in the obstetrics and gynecology?

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    Which of the following obstetric patients has the lowest risk for post-dural puncture headache?

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Obstetrics Questions & Answers

Which of the following medications is contraindicated?A 30-year-old woman presents complaining of a "typical" migraine headache. She is 4 weeks postpartum and currently breastfeeding.
1. ergotamine-the answer is c, ergotamine.(pearlman, 50-51)many drugs can be detected in breast milk, even at low levels. theconcentration of medications in the breast milk can be a function of maternalblood concentrations, which can be affected by r
How can you reduce the side effects of emergency contraception medications?
1. using a progestin-only regimen-the answer is d, using a progestin-only regimen.(pearlman, 481-482 ; rivello, 309-320)emergency contraception is the use of a drug or device following unprotectedintercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancy the term mor
Which organism most commonly occurring in puerperal mastitis?
1. staphylococcus aureus-the answer is d, staphylococcus auretls.(pearlman, 382-383)154puerperal mastitis is an inflammation of the breast, typically suppurative,that occurs in the immediate postpartum period (ie, the puerperium, usually defined as 2
Can you answer this?A 20-year-old woman presents by ambulance. Paramedics report that she just had a seizure in the ambulance. She is 7 months pregnant and has not had any prenatal care; her...
1. magnesium 6 g iv over 20 minutes-the answer is b, magnesium 6 g iv over 20 minutes.(marx [rosens], 242 1-2424)this patient is suffering from eclampsia. seizure and coma are the hallmarksymptoms and are the ultimate complication of pregnancy-induce