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What happens when you break your arm? You go to the doctor of course. Who takes care of you there? The nurse! What else does she do besides bandage your arm, give you a shot and tell you it's going to be alright? Do you know?

Then it's time to take these quizzes on nurses! How much do you know about the wonderful ladies (and men) that care for you behind the scenes, whilst the doctors take all the credit? Can you answer what a nurses' other duties are?

Can you tell what the ratio of male/female nurses is? What happens when a nurse gets sick? With questions like these and more, I think it's time that the nurses were put into the spotlight to get some credit, don't you?

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    While receiving a blood transfusion, Mr. Costas develops chills and headache. What would be the nurse's initial action?

Nurses are some of the professionals that are very much respected in the medical field as they take care of the sick people. This quiz will test your knowledge of all Nursing Specialties.

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    I serve as a liaison between the religious congregation the patient belongs with and the hospital where patient is admitted. I also visit and treat sick patients as well as pray with them, integrating treatment in healing and spirituality.


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    A 43-year-old client is scheduled to have a gastrectomy. Which of the following is a major preoperative concern?

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    A mother telephones the clinic and tells the nurse that she is concerned because her breastfed one month old has soft, yellow stools after each feeding. The nurses best response would be based on the knowledge that...

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    Patient satisfaction scores in the emergency department (ED) have shown a downward trend over the past three quarters. As a clinical nurse leader (CNL) in the ED, your focus is to:

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Nurse Questions & Answers

What is your focus as a clinical nurse leader (CNL) in the ED? Patient satisfaction scores in the emergency department (ED) have shown a downward trend over the past three quarters.
Compare desired outcomes with national and state standardsClient care outcomes are a measure of quality practice. CNLs must know how to compare desired outcomes that will improve safety, effectiveness, timeliness, efficiency, quality, and the degree
What with you begin your FMEA analysis? You are using failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) to anticipate the risk of medication errors in the ICU related to invasive lines.
The answer to this question is C. If in case you are not too familiar with process mapping, this is the type of process that you can do wherein you would create various charts to illustrate the flow of different processes. There are different macro p
When is critical thinking best demonstrated? You are a CNL on the telemetry unit and orienting a newly graduated nurse.
Most jobs at one time or another require the worker to think critically in order to figure out or resolve a problem. The same can be said for a CNL or the clinical nurse leader. She or he must make decisions for their patients. Sometimes, the answer