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What happens when you break your arm? You go to the doctor of course. Who takes care of you there? The nurse! What else does she do besides bandage your arm, give you a shot and tell you it's going to be alright? Do you know?

Then it's time to take these quizzes on nurses! How much do you know about the wonderful ladies (and men) that care for you behind the scenes, whilst the doctors take all the credit? Can you answer what a nurses' other duties are?

Can you tell what the ratio of male/female nurses is? What happens when a nurse gets sick? With questions like these and more, I think it's time that the nurses were put into the spotlight to get some credit, don't you?
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    A 43-year-old client is scheduled to have a gastrectomy. Which of the following is a major preoperative concern?

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    Patient satisfaction scores in the emergency department (ED) have shown a downward trend over the past three quarters. As a clinical nurse leader (CNL) in the ED, your focus is to:

A nurse is someone who assist in treating patients. Would you like to be one? If you're doubting your decision, take this quiz and the result will help you sort out if you're going to become a nurse or not.

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    What's the best asset a nurse could attract people?

Multiple Choice Exam

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    While receiving a blood transfusion, Mr. Costas develops chills and headache. What would be the nurse's initial action?

This test is for Level II nurse who under probation to be promoted as level III nurse in family medicine clinic. All the questions and answers are based on the clinical practice.

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    You are asked to do an EKG on one of the patients who has come in for a physical check up.  He tells you he is worried since his father just died of a heart attack.  He begins to cry and  is unable to lie still for you to get an adequate heart tracing.  You must repeat the procedure.  What do you tell the patient about risk factors and life style modifications?


Nurse Questions & Answers

What should you do if a patient complains of abdominal cramping (while undergoing a soap suds enema)?
This is a sign that the nurse should lower the height of the enema container which is letter B. Abdominal cramping might mean that the patient will not be able to retain the fluid which means that the enema will prove to be ineffective. It is not adv
What is the difference between RN and RPN?
RN stands for registered nurses, while RPN stands for the registered practical nurse. A registered nurse should be college educated and have completed a nursing program. The RN’s realm of practice varies from one country to the next, but their
What is the difference between LPN and CNA?
To know the various differences between LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse and CNA or Certified Nurse Assistant, you will need to understand their responsibilities. Although, you might easily figure out that certified nurse assistants are not in the sam
What is the difference between CNM and CPM?
CNM stands for Certified Nurse Midwife, while CPM stands for Certified Professional Midwife, while CPM strands for Certified Professional Midwife. For CNM’s They will take up nursing as a degree and then are trained as a midwife later. For a CP
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