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A review of cardiac, neurological, and musculoskeletal assessment for Master's Level Assessment class.

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    An 80 year old woman presents to your clinic for evaluation of palpations and shortness of breath.  You obtain an electrocardiogram, which reveals an irregularly irregular rhythm without discrete p waves.  You diagnosis her with atrial fibrillation.  The most likely physical finding upon auscultation of her heart is

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    Which of the following is not associated with Wilson's disease?   

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Neurological Questions & Answers

When auscultating a patients heart sounds you hear a Mid- to late systolic murmur & opening snap. This would be indicative of what?
Aortic Regurg is a diastolic murmur. Mid to late systolic murmur preceded by a click would be mitral valve prolapse.
What is the difference between ANSI Lumens and Lumens?
ANSI Lumens and Lumens are two measuring units used in determining the intensity of the light emitted from a source. The perfect thing or material to explain this is a projector. Different projectors we use usually come with Lumens and ANSI Lumens ra