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Lock picking qualification test for the Saratoga Springs Forensic Lab. Secure, NO ACCESS REQUESTS WILL BE GRANTED FOR INDIVIDUALS. Exception: Used only for classroom teaching of law enforcement...

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    Where are the pins located inside a lock?

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    A Kwikset Titan has a MACS of:

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    A Change key is a key that:

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    Four basic types of keys are:

This quiz asks some basic questions about locksmithing. See how much you know.

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    How many pins are usually in a kwikset Titan?

Locksmith Questions & Answers

What is the purpose using the change key?
1. Will usually operate only one lock in a series.Reference p157
What is a 161 prep?
If you have ever opened a door and had trouble keeping it open or even difficulty opening it, you may need something to help you with the door. A 161 prep may be necessary because it is a lock prep that helps keep the door locked and closed. It is us
A skeleton key usually operates :
Warded locks have gates that the bit of the key must pass
What does the shearline of a pin tumbler cylinder describe?
The small amount of space between the plug and the cylinder caseReference p106 second paragraph