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Detectives, or Privаte Dicks аs they аre sometimes referred аs, usuаlly love observing other people аnd hаve the highest divorce rаtes. Аnd how did it аll come to hаppen? In 1833, Eugene Frаncois Vidocq founded the first known privаte detective аgency in Frаnce: le Bureаu des Renseignements. Credited with introducing the science of bаllistics to police work, Vidocq is аlso considered by historiаns аnd lаw enforcement to be the fаther of modern criminаl investigаtion.

But “Whаt аre the requirements thаt recommend а person to а detective’s cаreer?”, “Whаt is the forensic science, аnd how does it contribute to the job of а detective?”, аnd “Cаn detective issue wаrrаnts?” аre the questions you might be interested in аnswering. Take these quizzes to know more about the profession!
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Some of us have a great imagination; therefore, they are pretty good at finding solutions where others have a hard time doing so. If you are a supervillain fan, you must know that the Riddler has tough questions. Do you think you...

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    Three spies: Three spies, suspected as double agents, speak as follows when questioned: Albert: “Bertie is a mole.” Bertie: “Cedric is a mole.” Cedric: “Bertie is lying.” Assuming that moles lie, other agents tell the truth, and there is just one mole among the three, who is the mole?  

When you are looking into getting a job, there is much more than your academic profile that can help you to get into the position you desire. The IB learner profile enables you to identify such attributes and give you some words...

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    If I'm not sure about something I will ask a question.

This detective exam is just one step closer to completing your application. This is to ensure that you understand some things the we as well as city patrol perform. Once invited, you will be one a valuable asset to the most elite...

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    What does the phrase "LEO" stand for?

A quiz to let you know what kind of detective you are. Also, because you can have fun doing this quiz!

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    Why do you wanna be a detective?

You are the detective of this story, if you make no mistakes, you will be compared to one of your colleagues

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    The wife of the ??????? phoned the police


Detective Questions & Answers

Who is the killer?
If you are not good at cracking riddles, you might find it difficult to unravel the actual killer in this case. However, this riddle is not too difficult to crack as there are a lot of clues in the question pointing at the killer. Before going into t
Who is the mole?
The real question is thatwe assume of being only one mole, but how do they really know that someone else is a mole since they throw their blame on the others?Like why does Albert accuses Bertie, Bertie accuses Cedric and Cedric denying Bertie's sente
How was he murdered?
The man was shot from a high and long distance. Most likely by a sniper who, why not, was on the roof of a high building, since you can't shoot someone from a convertible without leaving a mark on the window.
Who is responsible in the following case and why?
First: there is no mail on Sunday in most places. Some packages still run, but letters and the like do not come on Sunday. The wife is the one who is arrested. Fun fact: this would be considered a crime of passion. While there are few details given,
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