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  • Youre trapped in a room with the walls closing in on you. You only have seconds to react before being crushed to death. Do you:

  • Your teammate has been cloned against his will, and now he has an evil twin. You must get rid of one, but how do you tell the difference between your friend and the impostor?

  • You are forced to safely land a plane after the pilot is held captive by the bad guy. What do you do?

  • Hello Spy. Ready to get started?

  • First things first. You need to know what your mission is. Your mission is to swap a priceless diamond necklace with a fake. Your first task is to make the fake. What do you do?

  • I hope you didnt go get someone to help you with the fake, because if you did, you just encountered an FBI undercover. If you didnt, good job, but theres a problem. Since you have no experience, youve been making a racket and a policeman came and saw what you were up to. So your sort of busted anyway. What do you do?

  • Are you wise or smart?
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  • What is your expertise?
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  • Do you know how to use a gun?
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  • Are you fun to be around?

  • How sneaky are you?

  • How healthy do you eat?