Operation Secret Spy Mission

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Operation Secret Spy Mission - Quiz

Interactive spy mission!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Hello Spy. Ready to get started?

    • A.


    • B.

      Um, not really, but ok.

  • 2. 

    First thing's first. You need to know what your mission is. Your mission is to swap a priceless diamond necklace with a fake. Your first task is to make the fake. What do you do?

    • A.

      Make it myself

    • B.

      Get someone with experience to help me

  • 3. 

    I hope you didn't go get someone to help you with the fake, because if you did, you just encountered an FBI undercover. If you didn't, good job, but there's a problem. Since you have no experience, you've been making a racket and a policeman came and saw what you were up to. So your sort of busted anyway. What do you do?

    • A.

      Let them take me to jail. If I fight them, They'll never let me go. I'll find a way to get out, though.

    • B.

      Try to wiggle out of suspicion and run away. It'll be harder to do my mission, but at least I get a chance to DO it.

  • 4. 

    If you decided to let them take you to jail, you HAVE gotten out. But with a big fine and community service for weeks. So now you're running low on time AND money. If you tried to get away before they could get you, then you're lucky. But they might get you sooner or later. Anyway, you finally made your fake. It's flawed, but not enough to show it's obviously fake. You need to get a ride to the building you're going to. What do you do?

    • A.

      Steal my brother's motorcycle. Well, borrow it.

    • B.

      Get a ride on my brother's motorcycle WITH my brother. He knows what he's doing, but I don't have to tell him where I'm going.

  • 5. 

    If you took the motorcycle without your brother, you crashed and injured yourself. You wasted time, and you accidentally ditched your ride. If you took your brother's motorcycle WITH your brother, he found out where you were going, and when you didn't tell him why you were going, he kicked you off the ride. But your closer. haha!Now what do you do?

    • A.

      Walk there. hmph!

    • B.

      Get a taxi. why didn't I think of that in the first place?

  • 6. 

    If you took a taxi, good for you! Unlike your brother, the driver wasn't nosy and you made it to the building. If you walked, you got mugged. You ALMOST lost the fake. You lost a few of your tools, though. But, you made it to the building.Now it's a matter of getting up to where you need to be. How do you do it?

    • A.

      Make good use of my tools. Do it like in the movies! Get up there without suspicion!

    • B.

      Go on the elevator right inside. Blend in. It'll seem like you're supposed to be there

    • C.

      Disguise as a worker and casually walk in.

  • 7. 

    If you used your tools, you did a good job, but your were really close to getting busted. There were other people near you. Be careful next time! If you used the elevator, you also almost got caught, because there was a worker in the elevator that suspected you didn't exactly belong. Lucky for you, he didn't say anything.If you disguised as a worker, it, well, worked! No one looked at your for more than a glance, so you were home free and made it to your destination!What do you do now?

    • A.

      Hide until everyone leaves. Then get to work.

    • B.

      Get working little by little, as not to cause a commotion.

  • 8. 

    If you hid until everyone left, you were wise to. If you worked little by little, someone saw you and asked what you were doing. Now you're in the lobby. Somehow you found your way up again, and you're back where you started.Now that the tinkering's done, you've taken the diamond necklace, replaced it with the fake, and are ready to leave. What do you do?

    • A.

      Sneak around to make sure no one's there

    • B.

      Leave a.s.a.p.!

  • 9. 

    If you snuck around, you were inches away from getting arrested. Know why? Because you knocked over another valuable thingy and it broke. Now the alarms are going off and you're running for you're life.If you left a.s.a.p., you were also in danger, but you made it out without suspicion. Good for you!!!Now you're back home and you have to stash your loot. Where do you keep it?

    • A.

      Under a loose tile in your room by the corner.

    • B.

      In a fake but real looking hollowed out 'book', kept with all your real books

  • 10. 

    If you put it in the fake hollowed out book, you've been caught. Your little sister was poking around for something good to read and stumbled upon your 'book'. She opened it and saw the necklace. Now you're explaining that you've been getting yourself jewelry and didn't want anyone to know (everyone thinks you hate jewelry, which, you do).If you hid it under the tile, you've stashed it perfectly. Here's the catch: You can't hide it there forever, and unfortunately, you don't know how or where to sell it. You didn't think beyond the mission. :(Mission complete? Well, maybe not exactly. :P

    • A.

      I'm gonna destroy it! Even after all my hard work!!!!

    • B.

      I'm gonna find a way to sell it, don't worry!!!!

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