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Life insurance guarantees that upon the death of a loved one, an insurance company pays a designated person a sum of money. The policy can also cover funeral expenses. You might think life insurance as a somewhat new idea, but did you know there were forms of insurance used in ancient China and Rome?
Did you know that the modern life insurance policies were developed in the 1700’s in England. Can you name the three different types of life insurance? True or false: Before getting life insurance, you must take a medical exam? Learning more about the policy is a great way for you to plan your future, and our life insurance quizzes are the perfect way to test your knowledge.
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This quiz is useful for those individuals who are looking towards producing or selling life insurances in California State. Thus you need a license to do so, and that comes with the California Life and Health Insurance Agent...

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    In disability insurance, the period of time between when the disability started and the commencement of benefits is the:


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    Every licensee must indicate on which of following documents his or her license number?

Insurance companies were created to ensure that customers are cushioned from the repercussions of a risk occurring. Life insurance is a contract in which a person’s beneficiaries get some paint after the insured`s death....

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    An insured wants to purchase a policy with 3 key features: flexible premium, death benefits, and the choice of how the cash value will be invested. The insured should purchase:  

The topic of life insurance can be hard to talk about, given that we generally don’t like to imagine a world where we are no longer living – but if you wish to be able to provide for your loved ones when you move on...

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     Which of the following is guaranteed to the policy owner through Non-Forfeiture values?  

Welcome to a helpful quiz on federal tax considerations for life insurance and annuities, where you’ll be able to learn all about the topic with questions on modified endowment contracts, policyholders, tax deduction and...

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    If there is a material change in a Modified Endowment Contract:  

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Life Insurance Questions & Answers

What type of interest rates are offered by the Universal Life insurance policy?
The universal life insurance policy offers different interest rates for different policies. The two types of interest rates that are commonly used are the guaranteed and current. The fixed and variable as well as the minimum and target are different
What life insurance arrangement would be most suitable for transitioning a business to family members(if the principle owner passes away)?
Many people purchase a life insurance policy so that their loved ones can be safe and secure financially when they pass away. Funeral expenses can be quite a lot and it can often be even worse if the death is sudden and unexpected. However, there ar
What two types of interests rate does a Universal Life insurance policy have?
It can be daunting to find the right company and the right policy that you should get for your insurance but it helps to know as many details about insurance as possible. The two types of interest rates are guaranteed and current. Guaranteed means t
Can you give accurate description of life insurance policy dividends?
Many people get life insurance policies for themselves in case they pass away. The reason is because when someone dies, there are expenses with the funeral and other aspects. The family must pay for these things. A life insurance policy gives them mo
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