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    A group policy used to provide accident and health coverage on a group of persons being transported by a common carrier, without naming the insured persons individually is called

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    The illegal occupation uniform optional provision insures that the insurer is not liable for any losses occurred while the policy holder was:

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    The intent of managed health care was to

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    Karen purchased a Long Term Care Policy and her Advisor informed her that the premiums would qualify as a tax deductible expense. Karen is concerned about the IRS taxing her benefits. What taxes will have to be paid on these benefits?

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    Which was the first commercial insurance company in the united states to provide private healthcare coverage for injuries not resulting in death?

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Health Insurance Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Deductible and Out of Pocket?
Getting to the differences between various components of available health insurance can be a problem, especially when you don't have the requisite knowledge about them. Deductible and Out of Pocket maximum are two types of health insurance. The notab
What drug interaction might occur if a patient took mineral oil and fat soluble vitamins together over a long period of time?
While many patients worry about interactions of prescription drugs, they often fail to consider the interactions between over-the-counter medications, especially vitamins and minerals. Most people believe that vitamins and minerals have no significan
What was the intent of managed health care?
Replace fee- for-service plans with affordable, quality care to healthcare consumers